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Monday, September 21, 2009

More Twinner Pics

We had the August/September birthday party on Saturday Evening. Surprisingly Ed didn't hand each of the guys a shovel and say HELP!! but he didn't. The weather was just perfect and we sat out in the backyard and just visited while the kids played. We had LOTS of good food, too.

after the party Saturday evening Kelly sat both the babies upright on our couch, leaning against the pillows. They looked so cute both Jamie and I ran for our cameras.

Here's daddy giving Brayden a kiss - it looks like Taylie is saying 'me next'
Taylie slipped way down and when Kelly scooted her back up he put Brayden's arm around her
Cute! Mouths and eyes open on both of them!! They were definitely the hit of the party!
Even Emma thought to imitate them as she started crying "waa-aah, waa-aah, waa-aah just like newborns cry.

The whole family came with the exception of Melinda and Makae - we missed you both. The food was delicious and we sang Happy Birthday to Jerod and Ben and Adrie Anna and Ethan and Dirk and of course, the babies as their birthday is in August also.


Kristanne said...

It was nice. We had a good time. Thanks for filling in for me being selfish on the food!!

melissa said...

They are stinkin cute! I love Brayden's hair.

Jamie said...

Those are the most adorable babies I have ever seen! :)