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Monday, July 14, 2008

Do we have to come home??

This is a picture of the camping area - or at least it shows the steps up and down the mtn side - they lead up to the club house and swimming pool area. We had a wonderful week there.

Ed and I finally drug in on Sunday afternoon about 3:00 after a week of fun and sun and four wheeling and visiting with fun people - laying around the pool and watching movies. We had a wonderful time and it was so very relaxing.

We went four wheeling almost every day - we discovered a beautiful little valley that we went back to a couple of times. It was just about 2o minutes from our camp and it was totally isolated. The first time we found it we ate our lunch and laid out in the sun and just enjoyed the green beauty. When we went back, we took a blanket and laid it out in the shade and ate our lunch and had a nice nap. And again, enjoyed the quiet serenity. I should have taken my camera but I didn't so I don't have pictures of it.

The day that we went to Placerville was another hot beautiful summer day - blue skies, not a cloud anywhere. We got up and got going early enough that most of the trip was completed before the heat of the afternoon sun got too uncomfortable. It was pretty easy riding most of the way - lots of gorgeous green mountains and tumbling rivers and streams. Alot of the country there have year round homes but it is ALL accessed by dirt roads... Placerville is a little mountain village that had its start in the 1869 gold rush of Idaho and now it is home to probably 150 people - nice village square and old museums that sadly enough were closed (they open for the tourists on weekends). We had lunch in the village square and wandered around looking in the windows. We followed the road signs up to the old cemetery. That is a favorite pasttime of ours - wandering through old cemeteries! They liked to build wrought iron fences around the family plots.

We met lots of new people at the campground this year and lots of old favorites. Some of these same people go to Quartzsite each winter and so we get to renew old acquaintences.This is a view out of my bedroom window of our trailer. I took it early one morning as the sun shone down on the flowers. The mountain is beautiful. You can see Larry's trailer just above where our trailer sat. They have terraced the side of the mountain to allow full access to it for all of the campers. Some of us are visitors, some lease their lots and some own their lots outright. But it is a pleasant and friendly group of people from Washington state, Idaho and Utah.

There are wild turkeys that claim the area as their own. I'm not sure if they can be considered wild anymore...I swear Ed carried on a conversation with one of them over the type of crackers he was tossing out to them. They really liked the whole wheat ritz crackers!! Weren't too impressed with either the popcorn or the cheddar cheese crackers! FUN!! I need to get Ed's pictures and download them onto my computer so I can add them to this post.

They play a movie each saturday night at the club house and both were fun. They set the screen out on the patio and everyone brings their popcorn, their jackets and own chairs. The first weekend was Young Frankenstein...what a hoot. The second week was "The Bucket List" and I would recommend that movie to anyone.

Its good to be back home - now that I have caught up on everything. Monday I did wash all day and cleaned my house. Tuesday I spent it running from Rocky Mtn to Grandpa's house and completing all sorts of things on my to do list. Today I cleaned the front part of the trailer till is shined. The bikes are still in there and so I will have to dust and mop the back out when Ed gets home this weekend and moves them.This is a picture of the view around our trailer. There is a nice redwood deck - the couple that own this individual campsite have built the deck to sit on and enjoy. After breakfast and after supper it is the nicest place to sit and relax and read a book.

It was a great week and I know we will go back again and again - our only complaint is that it is sooooo far away!


Kristanne said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast. Glad you enjoyed your time. It is always so nice to get away for a while.

Melinda said...

What a fun trip. Thanks for the update and the photos. Welcome home!