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Friday, July 18, 2008

A day at the water park

I drove down to Lehi today to pick up Melinda and Simon and Benjamin so that we could head into Provo and meet Emma and Kecia at the Veteran's Park. Da wasn't feeling really well so Ben and I went by ourselves and Kecia and Emma met us there. It is a really really fun water park in the middle of Provo. Nice and clean and BIG. It had a beautiful swimming pool, water slides and a fantastic area for little ones to play in the water. Ben and I sat and splashed in the wading pool waiting for cousin Emma to show up and then all four of us had a great time.

Aunt Kecia took Ben over to the deeper water (all of five inches) and let a bucket of water spill over the top of both of them. Benji loved it.
meanwhile Emma is having a great time herself - look at those teeth!!
By the time they closed the pool at 4:45 Ben was soaked head to toe. He didn't give me a minutes trouble all afternoon - never once cried for mama, and just entertained himself either splashing in the water or running under one of the little fountains. It was a special day. Every so often he would run up to me and say "malmo" which is his name for grandma. I loved it.

We went back to Kecia's house for dinner and I returned him to his mom safe and sound about 7:30 that night, a teensy bit sunburned and one little scrape on his toe that I have no idea where it came from. We made some memories this day.

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Kristanne said...

sounds like you guys had a fun day. Good. I am glad Benji enjoyed himself and that Melinda got some sanity time, well, sanity with one baby and not feeling good.