mothers day

Monday, July 28, 2008

Slow down, I want to get off!!

The summer is going so fast and I am really enjoying it but I want life to slow down a bit. It seems like I am out of town more often than I am home!! I am excited to head to Montana to visit my favorite aunt but I'll be gone for four more days. I figure it will take my dad and I about seven hours to make the drive - I am hoping to see my cousins and their families that live up there. I think we need to have a Spinder reunion but there just isn't that many of them...

Any way - I am taking my computer and will be able to stay in touch...I am excited to be able to show off our blogs to Aunt Betty - those are the best pictures we have of my darling grandkids.

I'll be back home on Friday.

Oh and by the way - for those of you that we haven't talked to lately your dad and I did another crazy thing - we bought another trailer!! To take up to Boise and put on the property we enjoy so much in the mtns up there. Its a smaller one but in really really good shape. We are excited about it. We bought it over a week ago and I've been too embarrassed to tell anyone!


Kecia said...

I hear ya about how fast the summer is going by. I can't believe it's almost August already! I'm so not ready for snow...

The trailer thing just made me laugh. You two are like little kids in a candy store, but we love you for it!

Melinda said...

Have fun with the new trailer. That's a crack-up you were embarrassed to say anything. Have a good trip!

And I'm glad about how fast the summer is going. Dirk gets home in November! Woohoo!