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Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandpa's House #4

Almost done.....I still need to go through Christmas stuff, Easter stuff and Halloween stuff.  There is a shovel and  a snow shovel....

 size 11 boots

 suitcase and shoulder bag (no wheels)
 orange/brown velvet love seat
 small stock pot
 bar stool
Gas dryer anyone?
 more books
 even more books

 timing light

 black velvet picture of golden retriever

 grandma's stitching - I know mom made it but I don't know if it was a kit or not

 fiber optic Christmas tree

 3 piece Easter village

 American Flag window decoration (lighted)

 Davis Surgical Center Bear  (would Harley like this?)

 a whole box full of scout merit badge books

 Electric battery warmer

 Computer chair #2

 world map
 There are TWO floor mats for computer chairs
 computer chair #3
 battery charger

 Stacking plastic bins

 printer #1
 printer #2
 above toilet shelving
 slide editor
 two fold up stadium seats (metal)

 church books
 lens cleaning clothes

1 comment:

Mauri Gibson said...

For this one I would like a chance at the dresser, the craftsman tool box, and the sleeping bags