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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandpa Merritts House - outside stuff

We are cleaning out Grandpa's house getting it ready to sell.  This is a difficult blog to write ...and probably a difficult one to read.  Kelly, Jeff, Bruce and I met up at Dad's house a couple of weeks ago and kind of picked out what stuff we wanted.  So now, we are giving the grandkids a chance to say WHAT they want.   Instead of trying to pick a day for every one to meet at the house, with everyone's busy schedules, and distance, etc., we decided it would be more fair for us to post the pictures of stuff online and let YOU choose what you might be interested in.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose anything and everything you might like.  Then let me know....

If several of you want ONE particular item we will draw for it.  If you get one large item, and there is another large item you are interested in, let me know that too.  We will 'share the wealth' among equally as we can.  Probably once we get all the items listed, and spoken for, then Jeff, Kelly, Susan and Bruce will all get together and pull the names out of the hat  for you grandkids.  If YOUR kids want something, then list it among the things that you want...greats come after grands....

 tool boxes, gas can,-- compressor...nope just a metal cylinder?

metal cabinet 
wooden dresser used for tools ( i will take pictures of stuff inside this later)
small leaf rake, regular rake, snow shovel, reg shovel 

ladder #3
I hope this sounds fair to you.  I went up to the house today and started taking pictures...the batteries on my camera went dead after I took the outside pictures and most of the main floor.  So I will take pictures of the basement stuff and post them another day.  I will also divide this post into two ... upstairs items and outside items.  So keep checking back until I say we have posted pictures of everything.  Some pictures will have several items in them.  They don't/won't go as a group....individual choices.


Mauri Gibson said...

We are interested in ladder #2

kristanne said...

We would like the snowblower! -- Kris