mothers day

Monday, April 30, 2012


This is a combination of some upstairs and some downstairs stuff - lots more to come.  Follow instructions from previous blogs....thanks

 mini slow cooker
 Jill's flowers
 angel statue
 metal/glass cart
 air popper

 slide projector
 book case (hanging from ceiling)
 Eagle wall hanging
 log holder
 RR crossing sign

 RR wall hanging
RR signs
 mops, dusters, broom and (holder)
 easy chair #1
 Bedroom nightstand
2 metal trains
 easy chair #3
 Bingo game
 decorative lamp
 RR lamp

 window fan
 livingroom table
 games anyone?
 Ski rocket (blow up)

 snowmobile helmet
 VCR player

 small stereo cabinet
 small overnight case


kristanne said...

I hope no one thinks we want to receie all of these, but just things we would like to get some of. We are interested in the under cabinet cd player.

Mauri Gibson said...

Ok, for this one, here are the things I am interested in a chance at: one of the tin trains, maybe one of the pieces of train wall art (but I would prefer the tin train, given the choice), the cuisinart food processor (mine bit the dust a while ago and I have missed it), grandma kates hope chest, the nightstand, the old school desk, 4 plastic yard chairs