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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandpa Merritts House - upstairs

Here's blog the instructions in GRANDPA MERRITTS HOUSE - OUTSIDE (in bold, below)

...AGAIN please let me know of anything you may want ... don't feel like you are being selfish or piggish...what isn't chosen goes to Deseret Industries or in the trash.  IF you want to look at something close up, call me and I will meet you at the house.

 Instead of trying to pick a day for every one to meet at the house, with everyone's busy schedules, and distance, etc., we decided it would be more fair for us to post the pictures of stuff online and let YOU choose what you might be interested in.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose anything and everything you might like.  Then let me know....

If several of you want ONE particular item we will draw for it.  If you get one large item, and there is another large item you are interested in, let me know that too.  We will 'share the wealth' among equally as we can.  Probably once we get all the items listed, and spoken for, then Jeff, Kelly, Susan and Bruce will all get together and pull the names out of the hat  for you grandkids.  If YOUR kids want something, then list it among the things that you want...greats come after grands....

bottle (jar) opener 

wooden knife block 

ceramic cannister set 

 mini cupcake tin
looks like a meat thermometer 

 large rectangular rubbermaid storage bin
white divided tupperware storage

cardboard shoe divider (sorry Amee, it only holds 12 pairs of shoes :-) 
small tv
TV (works well), stereo, tv stand,  
 small touch lamp

 wall decoration
 queen sized bed

really good insulated boots 
trifle bowl 
 flowered corelle plate set
 heart correlle plate set

 small printer table


kristanne said...

Shawn and I would like, the flowers for grandma's funeral, world globe, Counted cross stitch, compressor in shed, his chipper or snowblower, baker's rack. We also gave grandma a figurine of a hummingbird getting nectar from a hibiscus. If that is still around we would like it. And over in the corner is a crocheted church, if no one want that I, Kris, would like that. I would also love any of her cross stitch stuff.

The kids might be interested in any train memorabilia he might have. That's it till you post more. (they often mention the clown on the 4th of July)

Mauri Gibson said...
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that's me said...

just added information for everyone-the Air compressor is simply a can that will hold air-you will need an compressor to add the air, the ladder is actually a picture of the ATV truck stand (or whatever you call the thing you drive on to get into the truck)
Bruce wants the black truck box, I want one of the ladders that is on the other side of the shed-the chipper does not work-someone who is mechanically minded could probably get it running.

Mauri Gibson said...

We are interested in the tripod, the cb radio set, a train whistle (for sentimental reasons), the bakers rack, the book shelf, the queen sized bed.