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Monday, August 3, 2009



Mauri and Kecia - this picture is for you!

I went and saw the babies again last night and had to add more pictures to this 'Birth Day' blog. The nurses had bathed them and fed them and given them their three hours of sleeping without being bothered time - they now have them on bright colored flannel sheets and little horseshoe shaped cushions - Taylie was on a bright red one with a cute red and white checkered bow in her hair.

Taylie Grace in her 'preemie' sized' hat!

Brayden's fit him a little better. Jamie and Kelly had us put these hats on the babies for a day or so and then Kelly will take them home to Harley to smell to teach him that they are 'good'

Look at all that hair!
Brayden doesn't like the bright flashes of the camera!

Even with all of the paraphernalia of oxygen, IV's, and monitor patches - he still looks so comfy and content under that nice warm heat lamp.

Taylie was sound asleep on her tummy when I asked the nurse to to turn her over so I could get a cute closeup picture for her Aunt Mauri and Aunt Kecia - she did NOT like being woken up!

Brayden is in the top picture and Taylie below him, holding onto daddy's finger!

Daddy Kelly talking to Taylie - Jamie was mostly sleepy this morning (do you blame her after how many hours of labor and then a C section !!!) but Kelly was so excited - he is gonna be such a good daddy.

Again, Taylie is on the left and Brayden on the left. Notice how much darker Brayden's hair is!

Brayden Kelly

Taylie Grace

Jamie and Kelly had their twins today - Monday, August 3, 2009 - and they are healthy and seem to be doing well!!!! They were six weeks early - Taylie Grace is 17 1/2 inches long and 4 lbs 1 oz; Brayden Kelly is 18 1/2 inches long and weighed in at a whopping 5 lbs 6 oz. It sure brought back memories of when MY twins were born 28 1/2 years ago - Kelly weighed 5 lbs 7 ounces - only one ounce more than Brayden!! Kecia was closer in weight to her twin brother at 4 lbs 14 ounces -

When I got to go into the NICU to see the twins all I could think of was how SMALL they were. I can't remember my babies ever being that small and my daughter Mauri's twins were much bigger it seems - Mauri - remind me of how much they weighed when they were born please. These babies seem normal size in the pictures so I had Kelly stick his hand next to them so you could see how small they are.

Anyway - They seem to be doing well. Taylie especially even though she is the smaller one. Brayden was struggling with his breathing and his blood sugars were low so they have an IV in him and an oxygen canula attached to his nose to help him breathe. They also gave him some meds to help increase the surfactant in his lungs to help him breathe better too. Thank heavens for today's knowledge and medical abilities to help these precious babies at their most critical time.

When Kelly and Jamie arrived at the hospital about 6 am Monday morning they thought that Taylie had moved into the birthing canal, head down ready to deliver. After they did an ultrasound on mommy they realized that Taylie was tucked up in the corner of her uterus and the nurse was feeling Taylie's tail bone instead of her head. They were both breech. So yeah, she got to deliver them C section so Jamie will have a longer recovery time. She only got to see the babies in the delivery room for just a quick moment and then they whisked them out of there into the NICU. Later on, as they moved Jamie from her room in the delivery suite to a nicer bigger room in the post partum section of the hospital, they wheeled her into the NICU where she got to see both babies and hold Taylie. . Poor Brayden got jealous of that and wailed the whole time she was in there.

I can't wait to see Jamie with one of these precious ones in her arms...or Kelly with a baby in each arm! There are lots of long days and longer nights ahead but also lots of joy and love.

I will try to keep you all updated through my blog.


Mauri said...

Thanks for the update and all the great pics. They are so beautiful!!
Josh was 5lb 10oz Caleb was 5lb 3oz.

Kristanne said...

Shawn stopped by to see them and said they were doing great. Glad all went well.

Shawn said...

I see in the pictures that Taylie has a gavage tube for feeding. The nurse yesterday told me that she'd taken an ounce from the bottle, so I hoped she wouldn't need gavage feeding (it's a tube through the nose, down the throat and into the stomach), but it looks like she did.

Not surprising. Preemies generally have more energy right after birth than in the day or two following, so sucking down that first meal probably just wore her out. Would have been great if she hadn't needed the gavage, though.

The steps that preemies have to go through before they can be released are (in normal order):

1. Breathe unassisted, without retraction and without apnea.
2. Regulate their own blood chemistry.
3. Regulate their body temperature
4. Eat from breast/bottle

These two are far enough along that they do fine with their blood chemistry, and they can probably handle their body temperature as well. Taylie is breathing well, so all she has to do is prove she can eat and then she'll be ready to go home. Brayden has to get to where he can breathe well, too, but he's got such a big healthy body that I'm sure when his lungs get to working properly he'll be strong enough to quickly get eating on his own.

Anonymous said...

Yes - Taylie has an ng tube - the nurse today said that she can handle about every other feeding with a bottle the other feedings being through the gavage tube.

Braydon is eating less with a bottle in fact today they fed him with just the nipple - and the next feeding they will double that amount. He was quite stressed after his feeding so the nurse said to just cuddle him and not try for a bubble. He settled down after about five minutes. Taylie is much calmer

melissa said...

how sweet. I am glad they are doing well! Paisley was in NICU for 2 weeks. She was fine with her breathing after they gave her some surfactant, but she would not wake up to eat. It was so frustrating trying so hard to get her to eat on her own.