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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A play day with Emma

Today (Tuesday) Mauri and Ira and kids are heading to Lagoon and they invited Kecia (and probably Glenn to come with. Glenn has to work so Kecia asked me to babysit....So I get a play day with Emma Lynn!! We have had a good time - and my house looks like it. The magnets from the fridge are decorating the kitchen floor, the toys that were stuffed in the 'trunk/seat' of her pooh train are decorating the living room floor and all the necklaces that I gave her to play with PLUS two of the necklaces on the table that I was working with (!!!) were packed in the trunk. Downstairs she has burb cloths (extra ones for new babies in our ward) strewn across the family room and toys from the toy room. She has been busy. Kecia thought that maybe if I wore her out she would take an afternoon nap...NOT!!! She has entertained herself for over an hour with a tupperware container full of decorative marbles ... Grandma is ready for a nap!

We have been playing outside too! She loves to play in the water and so I got out the fun play pad and she decided it was fun to splash grandma. I finally ran in the house and grabbed my camera and took a video Then I tried to download it to my blog for over 13 hours - finally about 4 am this morning I stopped the 'upload' and quit. If you want to see the video you will have to go to facebook!! It uploaded there just fine!

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Kristanne said...

It was fun to see her yesterday. She looked like she had fun with grandma.