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Friday, December 5, 2008

Another video of cute grandbabies

I went down to Lehi on Wednesday to watch the boys while Dirk and Da had a short getaway up at Park City. I knew that Wednesday would be easy because Simon and Ben are used to me watching them all afternoon, feeding them supper and then putting them to bed. What they are not used to is waking up to grandma the next morning and I figured that it would be a difficult morning. So I invited Kecia and Emma to come play that day.

The boys slept till 7:10 am and that was great. I walked into Simon's room and he was just a grinning at me. I thought - okay one down, but Ben was the one I was most worried about. I walked into Ben's room and he grinned and said "Grandma" (or at least his rendition of it!). It was so easy. The boys didn't mind having me for 24 hours at all. They were sweethearts and they napped when they were supposed to and played like the cuties they are and all was well. Kecia and Emma showed up about 10:15 or so, figuring that they would be walking into a screaming mess. NOPE!! We were downstairs watching Mama Mia (we have a new ABBA fan on our hands and he's only two years old!) We started the movie over for Kecia so she would know what was going on. I had been just about ready to take Simon upstairs for a nap cause his eyelids were getting heavy.

But when Cousin Emma and Aunt Kecia showed up he was ready to play again - for maybe ten minutes. Kecia wanted hold him and he just cuddled up under her chin and lay there like the softy he can be. After about ten minutes we decided we better go ahead and put him down for his nap or else he would be falling asleep on Kecia...which she didn't mind but we were afraid that he would wake up when we transferred him to his crib.

So Emma and Ben played (rather well as long as Emma didn't play with any of BEN's toys!!! Or even grandma's yarn balls that she had brought for Ben to play with!!) - she was allowed to play with Simon's toys!

So - Kecia and I watched Mama Mia (I had seen it in the theatre, had seen it once the night before, and had already watched it through once that morning plus the restart for Kecia - but I love the movie and it wasn't a hardship to watch it again.

As soon as the movie got over Benji was saying 'again, again" but I talked him into going upstairs for lunch. He ate a carton of yogurt and then wanted me to fix him a quesadilla but then he decided he didn't want it. That was okay - Emma ate it. He ate Emma's raisins. Kecia and I ate Melinda's wonderful homemade pot pie. All were happy.

About 1:00 Ben started getting tired so I put him down for his nap. Simon was just waking up. He had been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours! So I gave Simon a bottle and then sat him on the floor to play with cousin Emma and he thought she was great fun!

Kecia was all excited over Emma's newest "word". All morning she was trying to get Emma to tell her what a duck said. Emma wasn't about to perform on command. Actually I had the camera on and Simon was being just darling for the camera and then I panned up to Emma and she said 'quack quack quack" and then she hissed like a snake.... her two newest tricks. Then I panned back to Simon who was laughing so cute....and then I realized I had the video on 'standby' and missed it ALL!!!!!

So here you see us being ignored royally by Miss Emma and some darling grins and laughs by Simon. Of course, Ben isn't in any of the pictures cause he was upstairs sound asleep.

As you can see, Emma still has her jammies on. Kecia did bring clothes to dress her in but she looked so dang cute in her jammies with her pink bows we left the jammies on. Here is another video of Emma ignoring us and Simon bobbing his head in excitement but it is kind of fun to see Simon just learning how to creep... it won't be long and mom will have to get out the stair guards cause he will be moving all over the place!

Dirk and Da came home about 2 or so on Thursday and they seemed to have had a great time. Thanks guys for letting me play with the babies !!! I sure wish I hadn't been working full time when my other grandbabies were this little! Now they are big kids.


Kristanne said...

The kids are cute. Too bad they don't come up here each Thursday - then I could see them too, instead of you!

Melinda said...

I'm so relieved they were good for you! Thank you so much for watching them. We had a great time, and while I was sure I'd worry about the boys and have to call every few hours, I didn't worry about them a bit once we'd actually left. They sure love their grandma!