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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On the road again

Ed had meetings in Park City this week and I wasn't about to let him go without me. I told him even if I had to sit in our condo while he went to the fancy dinners without me I was still going. So even though I just got back from Montana on Friday, I was headed to Park City on Monday! Before we left Kecia and Emma and Makae stopped in to say hi and let me have some hugs and grins. That was fun. About 4:30 we headed over the mountains. When he went to his first dinner meeting Monday night at 6:30 he got there and called me to come over because I wasn't the only 'tag-a-long'. As always they give their directors a nice gift bag full of goodies - he got candies and trail mix and a really nice fleece jacket that I wore today to keep me warm :-) He also got a $50 gift card to use here at the canyons.

We are staying at the Sundial resort at the Canyons - just West of Park City proper. Evidently these are not time shares but condos totally owned by one person and they rent them out when they are not using them. Our room is the second floor DOWN from the top (it is on the third floor) on the left side of the archway. You can see the wooden logs that make our balcony with the yellow plaster around it .

There is a big outdoor pool and hottub on the property just behind the buildings you see in the picture. There are three other huge complexes right next to the Sundial all nestled close together, all part of the Canyons, but each under separate management. Just behind these buildings there are three more huge complexes being built.

While Ed was in meetings Tuesday I went walking and exploring and discovered that just down the hall from our room on the third floor was a plunge pool and hottub. It is nestled on top of the archway between the two buildings (where it says SUNDIAL on the previous picture) The little pool looks like a little hottub but its to cool down in after sitting in the big hottub!! NICE ! It was better than the big pool because it had a four foot stone ledge all around it that kept the canyon breezes off and it was a cloudy cool day - just perfect for sitting in a hot tub! I felt like I had my own private spa! We were visiting tonight in the hot tub with a young family from Chicago who have bought a condo here - they are one and two bedroom units - they spend several weeks each winter out here skiing and then come for a couple of weeks each summer to enjoy the biking and hiking. They said the kids are on the swim team. They have three young children and they won't ski anywhere else now - they love our Utah snow. They also like our lovely weather even in the middle of the winter. It is so much more warmer than Chicago with its humidity and winds and storms off of the Great Lakes!

Ed got out of his classes early today because they always have a big golf tournament that Ed doesn't take part in. So we hopped on the tram and rode up on top of the mtn - it was fun - I was thankful that it was enclosed - I wouldn't have been able to handle the ride if my legs had been swinging free! Ed mentioned how deep the canyon was at one point and I told him to be quiet...all the while thinking what would happen if it were to drop! But it was beautiful up on top and we walked a ways down one of the paths. This is a picture taken through the plastic windows of the tram - it looks pretty tame here.

This picture of Ed was taken on the top of the mountain out on the trail -

Then we headed into Park City for dinner. We drove up to main street and found a spot to park and walked almost all the way up that steep little street - and walking DOWN was harder in my sandals! We looked at all the pretties in the windows - I saw a onesey that would have worked for Emma the first six months of her life ... it said "I LOVE BIG DUMPS". We saw a cute animated Christmas Village piece that Ed had to find out the price of - he wanted to get it for Jamie and Kelly but it was $80 - sorry, guys, out of budget! It was a snow scene, with snowboarders going up and down the mountain - We finally found a restaurant that looked good and it was. We sat out on the balcony to eat until it started to rain on us and then we moved inside. FUN

So we are having a nice relaxing time up here on our mountains living the high life. We will be home in a couple of days! And then I will stay home for TWO WEEKS I promise!


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nice background. Very Mom-ish (I should say Susan-ish, but you are Mom to me, not Susan).

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Kecia said...

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