mothers day

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I got slimed!

Tonight Ed and I went up to the little Maddox Chicken stand in Layton for dinner. We placed our order and sat on the front patio of the stand waiting for it to be cooked. While waiting a lovely woman came up with a gorgeous dog - he is an English mastiff and he had the biggest brownest eyes - eyes you could get lost in!!

I told him how beautiful he was and while his owner smiled and said thank you he came over to me and sniffed my hands and wanted to be friends.

We started talking with his owner and I mentioned something about the cost of dog food today and she just smiled and said he was worth it. She told us he was just seven months old - still a puppy....he weighed 70 lbs!! All this while he is licking my hands and staring at me with those big brown eyes - we discussed how well behaved he was for his age. She called him back to her and he gave me one more mournful look and went back to his mistress, at which time I looked at my jeans and my knees and realized I had been slimed. Remember the movie Turner and Hooch? YEP!! Same thing. Thank heavens he didn't shake his head and shower us all. As I watched him (this time from a distance) I could see the drool gathering at the corners of his mouth and dripping dripping dripping!

About this time his owner had gotten her drinks that she had ordered and she took a big plastic bowl out of her bag and filled it full of ice water and the dog snarfed it up immediately - so she poured the other half of the 46oz cup of water into his dish. He even liked the ice cubes!! When it was all gone he started playing with the bowl - tipping it over and pushing it around on the cement. It kept him occupied for several minutes. Finally he reached down with his mouth and clamped his teeth around the upside down bowl and picked it up and gave it to his owner...and yep CRAAAACK - those massive jaws cracked the bowl in half. She just smiled softly at the little dear and said I guess we need to go to Pets Mart and get you a stronger bowl (yeah, out of solid steel!!)

The gazebo that we chose to eat at was in the shade so we invited her to come and visit with us as the dog needed to get out of the sun. She bought him a turkey burger and fed it to him one piece at a time. He was very patient with her. But when he was done he lowered his head onto the table and started sniffing at OUR chicken....oh dear!!

As beautiful as this English mastiff is, it made me very thankful for my Harley grandpuppy. This lady was so in love with her big huge oversized drooley, sliming baby- I can just imagine her rolling on the floor and getting slimed. No thanks - I'll take a miniature beagle over an English mastiff anytime. Even one who begs for hot dogs!


Jamie said...

English Mastiff's are freakin' HUGE! When we were trying to decide what kind of dog to get, Kelly said he wanted the dog to live in the house. I eventually agreed, but made him promise we would get a smaller dog. I am grateful we did because big dogs make HUGE messes! Oh, the stress!

Kristanne said...

fun, you should have taken a picture of the slimed and posted it. We could compare it to the turner and hooch video!

Dirk said...

Of course big dogs are also much more mello.

German Shepard is about as big as I want to go, but from Da's sister's Great Danes, I've come to appreciate them as pets.