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Monday, March 10, 2008

Snowmen pickles and evil grandma's!

Wednesday of last week I was in Ogden and ran over to visit with Mauri for a bit. I had managed my day so that I wouldn't wake her up as she sleeps while the boys are at school but come to find out they don't have school on Wednesday and she had been up for almost twelve hours already we visited for just a minute and then I grabbed all three boys (Jerod's early out day is Wednesday) and headed to McDonalds while Mauri headed to bed.

We ordered happy meals with cheeseburgers and fries and choc milk for all three and the boys took off to play.

When I showed up with dinner they headed over to eat. Evidently neither Josh or Jerod like pickles because the first thing they did was open up their burger and remove the pickle. And Josh squealed ..."Look!!! It's a snowman pickle and sure enough it was, it had a body and a head. We laughed and giggled over the weird things we find in cheeseburgers and green snowmen.

So I whipped out my cell phone and took a picture of it. That tickled the guys even more. I thought then Ed is gonna tease me about the 25 cents it costs to email a picture to myself but I'm gonna do it anyway.

As I looked at the snowman laying quietly on the napkin an evil thought came into my mind! I grabbed that pickle and told the boys I was gonna bite its head off!! And so I did!

I thought I was going to have to do resuscitation on all three boys they were laughing so hard!

Another memory with a dangerous grandma!


Kecia said...

who needs grandma's that bake cookies when you have a FUN grandma that eats green snowmen heads!

Mauri said...

LOL, no one mentioned grama eating the green snowman to me, so it must not have been too traumatic.

Melinda said...

Just stay away from the yellow snowmen . . .

Kristanne said...

Well the brown aren't much better either. And if you live in South Weber they are rather black at times. Gravel pits for you.