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Friday, March 28, 2008

Blog spot versus Facebook

I have tried - really tried to get into facebook. I've been given cute pets and fun toys and lots of friends... but I simply can't get excited about it. I finally decided that it is tooooo much and my brain turns off.

I have loved blogging and I quickly found myself watching for blogging opportunities. Although you wouldn't be able to tell it by the frequency of my blogs this last two weeks :-( But it is so fun to read each other's thoughts and share each others excitements. It is easy enough for me to do and other than checking everyone's blogs daily to see if they have added something new, or another fun comment, it doesn't take alot of my time.

I know that I get uncomfortable with new things and any time I have to start joining this or that to even move around in a onsite spot I quickly quit. I click out and off. I am too paranoid to move through alot of unknown territory.

So - all my friends out there on face book - this is where you will find me...sitting cozily in my chair with my computer on my lap writing another blog.

I love you all - I will let today's world pick up steam and move right past me. That's okay - I'm getting to be an old woman and very set in my ways.


Dirk said...

Facebook, myspace and the like have never appealed to me either, so it's not just because you are soo old.

Randy and Jenna said...

I agree also. I don't enjoy facebook. It is too crazy, and fills my inbox. I enjoy blogspot much better. I rather read thoughts than see how I am compared.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree too. Facebook takes TOO MUCH TIME. and I love to read the people I want to read and leave my comments when I want, and just feel relaxed about it all.

Kristanne said...

Okay that is twice that has happened, I am going to beat my husband. I left the last thought and not Makae. Shawn was fixing her account to forward to on my computer and didn't log out!
BTW I left the comment on Adrie's poem too!

Anonymous said...

As I read "Makae's" comments, I thought - oh, she sounds so mature! So I guess that just means you're growing up Kris!! ;-D

Melinda said...

I'm not much into facebook or myspace either. Of course, my blog doesn't get regularly updated either.