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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Holiday

By the way Kecia - you look fantastic with your new haircut!!

This has been a nice weekend - Saturday we got together with my brother Kelly and his sweet Terrie and four of their five kids plus all of my kids except for Dirk and all of the grandkids and Grandpa Merritt and Jill and Ed and I. We had the party at Shawn and Kris's house because I didn't think there would be room at dads house for everyone we invited. It turned out to be a nicer day though still cool. Amee came too - with a cute boy in tow. Chase of course wasn't there as he is now in the mission field as Elder Nielson. Dirk of course is at Ft Lewis Washington.

We let the whole family search for presents and candy all over Kristanne's back yard. Then we ate and visited and visited and ate ...lots and lots of good food!

Da and Benji came as Dad and Jill were leaving and Jamie and Kelly came as Da and Benji were leaving!!

I simply enjoyed the whole day with my family. I love them all so very much.

Sunday morning Kecia and Glenn and Emma Lynn came to Layton to go to church with Grandpa Ed and I. She was still dressed in her cute bunny jamma's but it didn't take long for momma Kecia to get her all gussied up in her adorable pink fluffy dress

Of course, Emma wow'd everyone at church - she is such a happy baby. It was so fun to have Glenn and Kecia there and fantastic to enjoy Emma for those three hours!! After church we headed back to our house -I invited grandpa Merritt to come have dinner with Ed and I and Kecia and Glenn. I fixed a nummy Easter dinner and even got to use my china!! WOW!! Glenn and Kecia headed back home during the afternoon since they had another party to go to. Ed and I went home teaching at 5 pm and Shawn and Kris showed up shortly after we got back home - they were bringing back Ed's truck home after borrowing it the day before to get a mattress.

All in all, it was a nice weekend. I love you all


melissa said...

What a beautiful grand baby you have!

Susan said...

Kecia thinks so too! :-)

Melinda said...

It was a nice Easter party. I'm glad we came - even if it was late. Cute pictures of Emma!