mothers day

Sunday, March 2, 2008

redneck mansions

Thanks Mauri for the lead on this one!! Hey guys - these are our new condos that Ed and I just bought in Texas...they are on a crick...we are very proud of our new swimming hole in the front yard...might raise some catfish...we are closing on them soon and will be moving pretty soon - probably about the time Shawn and Kris move to Idaho and Mauri and Ira move wherever...we can't wait! Maybe we will talk Mauri and Ira into moving down here with us but then Ira, being from Montana and all, probably wouldn't like the heat in Texas...DANG!! There's enuff room for the rest of the family though and maybe some cuzzins! We are naming our new community The Redneck Riviera. Look out Hogbody's BBQ

love, mom and dad
ps - yeah, I'm guilty of plagerism...boy and I cain't spell wurth a darn neither!


Kristanne said...

i just left a comment on Mauri's blog about how we all needed to spend our summer vacation here. Great minds must think alike!!!

Mauri said...

Ha, Love it!! Did you come up with that yourself? I'm glad I'm not the only one who got a kick out it.

Susan said...

No - right after I saw the picture on your blog I received an email from Melinda's mom with that comment. I jest changed her a bit to make it fit. It wuz shurely lots o'fun!