mothers day

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My precious granddoggy!

As most of you know Kelly and Jamie are right now in the middle of the Caribbean having a grand old time. They left the cats at home but knowing that Harley needed extra love and attention they opted to let grandma babysit. The first day Harley was totally lost - he whined and looked for Jamie and Kelly all day long. Then on Sunday evening Jamie called me to say "we're heading out of the harbor right now!! Kelly got on the phone to bark at Harley and his ears perked up and he sat listening, simply entranced. (I can imagine how 'entranced' the people on the ship were, listening to a grown man bark into his cell phone!!) But evidently Kelly told Harley to be happy and have a fun week with grandma (see, I can understand dog speak too!)

Harley has been so cute all week. He is my shadow!! Reminds me of when I had babies at home!! He follows me upstairs, he follows me downstairs, he follows me upstairs again. He sits and whines at the bathroom door when I close it for privacy!! Best of all, he can't stand to see me sitting in my Lazy Boy recliner without him being in my lap. I had gotten into the habit of eating my breakfast in the chair while reading the newspaper. Have you ever tried to read the newspaper and balance a bowl of cereal on your lap when you have 20+ pounds of dog jumping into your lap? FUN!! I have given up trying to work online during the day because if I am upstairs in my chair working on my laptop he is sitting there with his big brown Harley eyes whining for me to let him on my lap. So then I go downstairs on my main computer and he sits and whines because he can't jump into my lap there either. It is now 9 pm at night and Harley dog is in his favorite spot - under the covers of my bed, right next to me as I read!! Its a tough life!!


Kecia said...

I hope Jamie got a video of Kelly barking into his phone!

The question is, how many hot dog packages has granma gone through so far? He loves granma because she spoils him so. Hey if you have harley, how are you gonna come see us tomorrow? Are you bringing him along for the ride? :D

Susan said...

only 2 so far ;-D.. I am typing this with a Harley dog laying across my lap and arms!! So much fun. He missed me today!!

Jamie said...

That dog is ADORABLE! :) He is really spoiled, Kelly snuggles with him and lets him sit in his lap while he is on the computer. He sits in my lap every time I sit in the lovesac with my laptop too. Although now I've got him trained to sit next to me. That took a while! ;)