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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My daughter's daughter, my baby's baby

I started to write this blog days ago, but got stymied every time I thought about my other fantastic wonderful precious grandkids and kids. So I decided I would start with a disclaimer: I have ten beautiful, precious, fun, intelligent and wonderful grandchildren. #11 is on its way. I love each one of them. They are all so fun and I am so blessed to have Cade and Adrie and MaKae and Jerod and Ethan and Jace and Joshua and Caleb and Benjamin and Emma in my life. I love the hugs and the hi there's and the cute stories from each one. I also have a really soft spot in my heart for each of the wonderful people that my five children have married. They are choice and intelligent and loving human beings, each with a strong belief in Christ and how He would have them live. Kristanne was our first 'in law' and I was and still am amazed that she saw the beauty and intelligence in Shawn and claimed it for her own. Then came Ira and he added a whole new dimension of humor and love. Then we had to wait years and years for Kelly and Kecia to grow up and amazingly enough Jamie fell in love with Kelly and added her wit and fun to the family. Kecia followed shortly in expanding our family with Glenn - he has a gentle humor and a love of children that is simply amazing. Last, but certainly not least, Dirk found Melinda and her intelligence and sweetness has been a real boon to the family. We are sssoooooooo blessed with each of these 'in-laws' that I truly do love as my own. I wouldn't want to hurt any of them. Of course, it goes without saying that Mauri and Kecia and Shawn and Dirk and Kelly are the most perfect wonderful human beings in the world. They are mine after all. Yeah, they have a couple flaws each, but basically they are beautiful people. That said I can now move onto my blog thoughts without worrying about hurting someones feelings because I may have left them out!!

Kecia just posted some more pictures of Emma on her blog spot and I thoroughly enjoyed them. It is amazing how dear a grandbaby can be to ones heart. I don't know why I have let Emma 'in' so close ... Maybe because Kecia and Glenn opened their hearts and home to me and let me cuddle and love her...I got to do the same when Adrie Anna was a baby too and I hold some special memories there. I hope I don't hurt any feelings but somehow a daughter's daughter is...not more special ...but more ...would the word be "available"??

I need to be careful of what I say here because I know that I have some fantastic daughter in laws that might read this...I love everyone one of them too - but I have allowed them to set the limits and even when they don't I set my own limits -- I don't want to be the bothersome mother-in-law taking over their new baby... but with my own daughters - I can be me totally and they have to love me anyway!! So I can get away with more holding and hugging and grandmothering.

I hope you all can understand what I am trying to say - my baby's baby holds a special place in my heart - she is so little and so warm and so innocent.

Most likely it is because Emma is the newest and the whole family is excited - being there when she was just minutes old and then getting to return and be THE GRANDMA. Emma only wants to be held and cuddled right now and I can fulfil that calling to my hearts content. Anyway - I love Emma - I love all of my children (and that includes those fantastic in law children) and I adore all of my grandchildren. I thank the Lord for such blessings in my life. I hope they know that even though I am not the 'cooking' grandma that always has cookies on hand for them I do think of them often.

I went down to Provo last night with Kristanne and Mauri and Jamie and also Mickey and Adrie and we have decided that we need to get our Utah County kids closer - Lehi isn't too bad - it is just 45 minutes away but Provo is much to far. However - Dirk and Glenn - you need to sell your houses and move to Davis County. I have spoken!! Now we will see who will actually listen!! Hee Hee Hee


Dirk said...

No problem Mom, just get Camp Williams moved closer first.

Kecia said...

She likes to eat too