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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another story about Dirk

I just wrote this story out to add to the comments on Dirk's blog about his habits and experiences. When asked to come up with six things he listed six one word answers! So I told Kecia and Jamie to help me come up with some extra good stories on Dirk. As I wrote this out (in first person as if he wrote it, I decided I needed to share this wonderful memory with all of you - I am sure Melinda knows what a big heart Dirk has - he proved it to me this Christmas!)

As his mom I will add another - #7 -

for Christmas of 2004 I gave my mother a Christmas to remember!! I spent the night at home instead of my apartment and at 2 am (after Santa was thru putting out his stuff and SOUND asleep) I sneaked back upstairs and set the kitchen table with replacements for my mom's china (china that she had picked out years and years before, for her wedding) that she had watched break all over the kitchen floor a few years before when the hutch fell off the base of her china cabinet. I had found a place online to order replacement pieces of older china designs that were no longer available.

Before I let her into the kitchen Christmas morning to see my surprise I gave her a beautifully wrapped box of Kleenex...she laughed and said I am really gonna need this on Christmas day...and Kecia said "Oh, you will!" I then led her into the kitchen to see the whole table set with dinner plates, salad plates, dessert and soup bowls, tea cups and saucers, serving platters and serving dishes...even a gravy bowl .

She needed the tissues!

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