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Monday, February 7, 2011

My bathroom to be!

I don't know why it has been so difficult to blog lately!! I keep trying to figure out what I want'/need to share with the world and my life has been pretty much so so for this year. I haven't flown anywhere or done anything extra special - just life.

However, things are coming up. Ed mentioned the other day that he is planning on starting to re-do our bathroom in March. He wanted to know if I thought we should replace the vanity and top - along with sink. We have been 'going' to redo the floor with tile since 2002 when we came back from Texas...every year we have talked about it and planned it - it needs it badly with a big split running through the laminate flooring. But it was so easy to put off -

Since we started planning way back when I have wanted to go with a warm brown slate tile. Probably the 12x12 size. With a cream colored grout.

we feel like it would match the cabinet shown here (I don't know why it copied over so teensy) but this one has 2 drawers and three cabinets - in a warm pecan. We have just begun to start looking though - we know we don't want a cabinet like we had before (even before it was painted green) and we don't want white or really dark wood - the room is too small already. When we saw this cabinet we really liked it.I really really really want a stand alone sink - it sits above the vanity with a solid slab of granite under it. I liked the look of this clear glass sink but there is another one amber in color that would look gorgeous with the colors we have picked out for the room.

This is the color of the granite that we want - it picks up the colors of the vanity and the floor.
When we get back from Arizona we will pull out the old tub and start chipping out the old tile around the tub because it is all white. We will replace our 28 year old tub and toilet with a new ones that are colored 'biscuit' I want to put the same tile that is on the floor on the walls around the tub - probably using the 6x6 tiles...and I would like to put a couple rows of decorative tile in there too.

Of course Ed will do the tiling with my help. I know we will paint the room too before we do much of anything but I don't know yet whether or not I want to tile up the walls or just do a mopboard of tile. We will see. Then we get to pick out faucets and towel bars etc.

We are trying to get our house all shipshape before we retire and run out of money. This should keep us busy all spring!!

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Kristanne said...

yes it should keep you busy!!