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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updated ...Just call me spoiled!!

Since I am doing the 12 Days of Christmas for my kids and our parents, Ed has decided to do the 12 Days of Christmas for me!! WOW!! He said he basically has taken my Christmas wish list and added to it but he has added in a big way!!

Day one - my new 34" tv
Day two- a new bra from Victoria Secret
Day three - we took my rings to Kay Jewelry to replace the missing smaller diamond
Day four- a new freezer
Day five- a new magazine for my pistol
Day six - a new alarm clock
Day seven - a spin toothbrush
Day eight - $50 gift card at my favorite bead store - Avery Beads!
Day nine - another alarm clock (Ed says one is for our trailer in Boise and the other is for our toy hauler)
Day ten - two Christmas CD Albums - one by Susan Boyle and one by Kenny Chesney (All I Want For Christmas...) I loved them both
Day eleven - $50 gift card to Kohl's
Day twelve - I figured at this point I would have ONE present to open on Christmas Day - NOT SO!!
Ed had wrapped up a Kindle;
plus a leather cover for it with attached light,
another alarm clock!! :-D...this is the one for MY bedside
a gift card to California Nails
a gift card to Forever Shoes
a set of shooting ear muffs - you can hear people talking but
it protects your ears when the gun is shot

We had been talking about replacing the freezer and TV for months but I love the way Ed has pulled it all together! He laughs and says this way he doesn't have to wrap anything - but he did!!!!

I told you I am spoiled !!

I gave Ed his own Kindle, plus leather cover, two shirts, socks, a fun Christmas tie, the shooting ear muffs, old spice, and a large Craftsman tool chest on wheels that he really wanted.

I think that this is the last BIG Christmas we will have since he will retire this next year and we will have to go on a budget again!

We as a family had a wonderful Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the on the Sunday after Christmas we drove to Orem and Leah was blessed - then on Monday we got to go see the Lights of Layton with Shawn and Kris, Cade, Makae, Ethan and Jace - and then we all went out to dinner afterwards. So we had a marvelous and wonderful Christmas

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Addicted one said...

that is too much fun! Merry Christmas sis!