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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quartzsite 2011

We have been down here in Quartzsite since Thursday afternoon. It stormed the first several days but now it is trying to warm up; - We went to Church on sunday - I still feel like I am one of the youngest women there!! I was talking to one lady that used to live in Kaysville and I asked her if she went to Davis - she said yes, but didn't graduate as she got married instead. She would have graduated in 1946...that was a whole year BEFORE I was even born!

We went on a fun four wheeling trip yesterday with our friends that are already down here - there were about a dozen people and about 9 vehicles. Quartzsite is ticketing people that are riding double on normal 4 wheelers because of the sticker on the machine that says we shouldn't do it. We have our razor that of course rides two people but we also have my Suzuki and we want to be able to have kitty and Larry ride on it!! I don't know how we are going to handle that.

Today is supposed to be 4 degrees warmer than yesterday (probably about 65 NO WIND!! There is a good breeze blowing but there is not a cloud in the sky! Beautiful!) I am sitting at the laundromat right now (we could have waited a few more days before doing laundry but I wanted to check for emails!!) As soon as I get back to camp I am going to find a lounge chair in the sun!!

Tomorrow all the ladies in our group are going to carpool up to the Blue Water Casino outside of Parker and go to lunch and then to a movie!! FUN!

Not too many open air stalls left - we definitely missed the big shows ...oh well, less temptation to spend money.

We are enjoying ourselves and watching lots of movies so far because of the cooler weather.

We are missing you all but excited to have this vacation!

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Kristanne said...

Glad your enjoying yourself. See ya in a couple of weeks.