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Monday, October 22, 2007

Day two of Disney World

Day two here at Disney world found us eating breakfast at the FRESH Mediterranean Market which had a wonderful buffet of fresh fruits, juices, eggs, etc. Then we left the hotel and walked out to the boat dock to catch a boat to Epcot. We walked through the World Showcase first of all so we could make reservations at Germany's Biergarten Restaurant. Then we headed to Epcot. The Spaceship earth was closed ---they are making it bigger and better I guess. We wandered through innovations East and then headed over to go through Living With The Land. We also watched the film entitled The Circle of Life - with Simba, Pumbaa and Timone - talking about conservation and protecting our world.

We had a fun day but boy we felt our age - sore feet and sore backs!! We spent about 7 hours and mainly walked and looked and learned. It was fascinating. We ended up back at the Biergarten for lunch and that was fantastic!! I am such a stickler for staying in my comfort zone food wise but I decided I was going to try everything. It was a buffet and delicious. I ate cold sausages and cold meatballs and cold salads and warm sausages and warm meatballs and warm salads!! There wasn't anything to spicy or too vinegary or too any except GOOD!! Ed said everything was very authentic tasting except for the Spetzle (sp?) its pronounced spetz za la...he said usually it is a pasta more spagetti shaped ...but it was still good.

In Germany when one goes to a restaurant they seat you at whatever table still has room at it and they did the same here. So we sat across the table from a real sweet couple from South Carolina. He was 74 but she was younger than myself - they had met and married about four years ago. When we told them we were from Utah, he said, "No one is FROM Utah" and I said - well, yes, we were! Then he asked if we were Mormon! and we said yes. And he said "So are we!!" That place had room for hundreds of people and we run into another set of Mormons. They were both converts and so of course we had to compare kids and missions and stories - it was sooo fun. We talked for a good 45 minutes after we finished eating!!

Then we continued West and stopped for a 30 minute show called the American Adventure. It showcased the history of America with automatons of a lot of historical figures. It was really well done. When we went into the theatre it was sunny and bright - when we came out it was starting to sprinkle. We headed back to the International Gateway and caught a boat back to our hotel.

We got there in time for a half an hour nap and then back downstairs to a welcome to WDW social from MTC. It is always so fun to see the MTC directors and their spouses and significant others. Alot of the time we might see each other only at the Christmas party or at another Directors Retreat bi-annually like this trip. The food looked delicious but we were still full from all that good German food. We visited for a couple of hours and then headed back up to the hotel room - where I read and Ed watched baseball -While we were relaxing there was a knock on the door and when I opened it there was a hotel employee with an MTC bag in his hand - saying I come bearing gifts - gifts are good. I had figured that we wouldn't get gifts this trip because when Ed went to the corporate office this week he was given a really really nice suitcase - red and black with the MTC logo on it. But in the sack were two bright green shirts - Ping brand - plus lots and lots of goodies. It was like being turned loose in a candy store. We just don't buy candy anymore!!I grabbed the sack of Peanut M&M's to set aside to eat later because it was the time of day that would really send my blood sugar soaring just before I tested it... Ed enjoyed three or four of the treats while I glared at him but I guess there is still enough left to enjoy today. We finally turned off the tv at 11:45 when the score was 6 to 2 for the Red Sox and went to sleep - who knows how the game turned out. Who cares how the game turned out.

Long Day, fun day, blessed day.


MaryAnn said...

Wow! What a fun fun day you had!!

Kecia said...

I want to know how much lunch cost...and a boat ride back to the hotel...that sounds nice! Sounds like you're getting spoiled and having fun!

Glenn's enjoying your little mermaid joke, he was singing along when he came to pick me up for lunch today. LOL. Just like a kid!

Jamie said...

Little Mermaid tape? Kelly likes to sing "Kiss the Girl". Maybe we can get the 2 of them together and have them put on a show for us! ;)

Susan said...

I forgot I left that tape in the car's stereo - tell him to sing away!! Maybe when I get home he and I and Kelly can form a trio!! HAH!

Kecia said...

Kelly and Glenn singing little mermaid...hee hee...HEY JAMIE IDEA - TALENT SHOW AT THE HALLOWEEN PARTY! Hee hee hee

Kecia said...

Oh Mom I forgot to tell you when you called yesterday, but I borrowed your green velvet dress...Glenn really wants me to be the ugly fiona this year...and its perfect. I promise to be nice to it. (and yes, it fits...)