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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching up with the Future

After spending the day at the Epcot Center at Florida's Walt Disney World Resort I decided to make a bold move and start my own blog spot. I mean we walked through Future World all day long and so I guess I can't stay in the dark ages forever. I also have five very wonderful kids, three of whom have a blog spot and I so much enjoy reading their thoughts I decided I needed to reach out with a few of my own. I am sure they are thinking....we had to listen to her the whole time we were growing up and now we have to read her blogs too!!??!! OH NO!
So Kecia and Jamie and Dirk - you asked for it!!

We flew to Orlando Saturday and grabbed a cab to the Dolphin Hotel (see the picture!) Actually I wasn't standing in a good spot to be able to snap a picture of the dolphins on top of the hotel - I will try and add it later on. Here is the other half of this hotel duo - the Swan...actually you can take a tour of the place by going to We arrived about 6 pm and checked in and unpacked and then decided it was time fo
r dinner (breakfast at 7:30 am had been a long time ago!!) Ed and I got lost four times within the first 15 minutes but finally found our way to a wonderful steak house located in our hotel. It was called Shula's - you should always beware when they give you a menu that doesn't have prices on it!! We ordered the smallest steaks on the menu - Ed had a 12 oz filet mignon and I had a 16 oz New York sirloin steak. Ed ordered soup and I had a marvelous salad - we both just wanted ice water to drink...and we even decided to share a baked potato when the waiter said they were really big. I wanted to save room for the chocolate flambe dessert - yummm! By the time we finished our soup and salad and fresh hot bread, and then tucked into the steaks with a humungous baked potato there was no room for dessert. When the bill came it was $117.00 and that was before the tip!! No drinks, no vegetables, 1/2 potato and no deserts!!! But ohhh it was a good steak!

After that we wandered around the Dolphin some more trying to figure out what was where - then we walked along the boardwalk in WDW - it was so fun. There were magicians and mimes and pirate ships and marshmellow roasting!! There was even a giant tv (10x14 feet?) screen out on the sandy beach where people were watching Pirates of the Caribbean - it was the first one and we had both watched it several times so we just kept walking.

Finally we headed back to our hotel room and crashed for the night.

Watch for more updates to come.


Kecia said...

Woo hoo! Look at you go, you even got pictures posted on your first blog! Aubrey still hasn't figured that out!

Florida looks beautiful. The snow has melted here, so it's chilly but not white anymore!

Dirk said...

Sounds like you're having fun already, go figure.

Randy and Jenna said...

hello kecia's mom. this is jenna we met at kecia's baby shower love your blog. love that you are in florida. when you are in magic kingdom you have to check out philarmagic it is this awesome 3d disney show. its new. enjoy the heat, cuz we are all freezing in utah.

Susan said...

Kecia called us on Saturday and told us that we left just in time!! Just ahead of the storm as it were. It is so nice and warm (though humid) nice. Today we are going to the MGM studios and tomorrow I am going to get to go see the launch of the shuttle!! We will leave the hotel at 5 am and drive for about an hour but we need to go that early to find a spot to watch it from.


Jamie said...

Hey, I was supposed to come too! Remember the "stuffing me in your suitcase" idea? ;)

MaryAnn said...

Cool Blog!! I'm so glad we get to hear from you now too!! It'll be fun to see what wisdom you have to bring to the table :)
Lucky that you get to be where you're at!