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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Five at WDW

I'm getting farther and farther behind but once I get back home life will be dull and boring and I won't have much to add. Things are still going great here in Florida.

After breakfast on Wednesday morning I went out and took the pictures of the hotel and swimming pool area that I posted yesterday and today. It was overcast and looked like it might rain but it was still warm outside and surprisingly enough not too humid. So I boogied back up to our room and got my swimming suit on and grabbed a towel and went back out to lounge on teh gorgeous white sandy beach for an hour. I relaxed and read and enjoyed the peace and quiet. All the kids are at Disney World in the middle of the day...very peaceful!

Ed was supposed to get out of his meetings at noon so I headed back up to the room and he was there but had to go back to a Central Region meeting with JoAnn and the other ROD's and CD's.
He said that it would be a quick meeting. I should have gotten on my blog right then and caught it up to date but I kept thinking - its gonna just be a couple more minutes and then he will be here and we can head to Epcot. I finally fell asleep on the bed waiting for him and we made it to Epcot at 3pm!!! We had just barely enough time to go back to the Biergarten for another round of that good German food and music. If we could have gotten to the park about 12:30 we would have gone for lunch and then back over to Future World to go ride Soarin which is a ride that makes you think you are parasailing - you are in a big IMEX theatre and its supposed to be really fun. Instead we had a nice visit while we ate with a couple from Maryland and another family from Mexico City. They had a little boy about 6 years old and a little girl aged 3. He is a lawyer in Mexico City and spoke really good English. I think his wife understood our conversation but her speaking wasn't as good. It made for another fun memory.

After that we headed back to the water taxi to go back to the Dolphin to get ready for the big Awards Dinner held that night for all the MTC directors and guests. It was the most amazing meal - I've sat down at a meal with four forks and three knives and two spoons before but never three goblets!! Come to find out one was for water, one for red wine and one for white!! (Did I tell you about the little jackets on the lemon slices at Tuesday night's dinner? Tooo fancy- we can't have a seed squirt out when you squeeze the lemons!!) We had a really fun lady sitting next to us - she is single and she invited her mom to come with her for the week at Disney. I thought her mom was going to have a hissie fit everytime they brought out another plate of food - the 'presentation' again was fantastic.

I think seven of Ed's eight centers received top awards last night - the only one that didn't was Delaware Valley which is the newest center and hasn't had time to learn how to do what they are supposed to. I could see last night why MTC has such a wonderful history with the Department of Labor. It is amazing how good a job each center does in teaching their students and finding them jobs afterwards. It was a really positive evening.

It has been fun to see the reaction of my weight loss as most of these people only see me at these bi-annual meetings. So I weigh at least 45 pounds less than I did last time I saw them. The guys will just say hi and hey - you look good. The ladies will look at me and tell me how cute my hair is!! WEIRD!!! I don't think they really realize what the difference is but they know I look different and my face is alot thinner....thus they think I have a cute haircut!

Tomorrow I will post our day six activities at Animal Kingdom. I am sure you just can't wait. Anywho - it is a good way to make myself write it out so I can remember the remembries!!


Kecia said...

Its fun for us to read it too! So Good job to Dad for having such great Centers! Even though you can never remember which state he's in, at least you know he's changing lives!

As for the cute haircut, I can understand that! All the weight loss makes your pretty cheekbones more prominent and your hair cut is pretty cute!

We went to another fancy dinner tonight at UVSC...only 2 glasses this time, but it was still very nice and VERY tasty!

Dirk said...

Sounds like fun, just be careful you don't put those pounds back on during this fun vacation. ;p)

Susan said...

WE are NOT worrying about pounds on this vacation - we will diet when we get home!! I mean, really!!!!