mothers day

Monday, May 7, 2012


I went up to dad's house again today and sprayed weeds all over the whole yard.  Hopefully we can do in some of those nice big healthy dandelions that dad's neighbors are cussing.  While I was there I dug deeper into the shed outside and found some more 'treasures'.  Ladies, this is a group of pictures that your husbands will probably get more excited about than you will!  But keep scrolling because next I went inside and took more pictures of stuff from inside drawers and cupboards and found some treasures

Remember - list anything and everything that you might be able to use....whatever doesn't get chosen will probably be set out for a BIG estate (garage) sale

 metal sprayer
 watering can
 snail and slug mix
 charcoal lighter fluid
 shampoo and conditioner
clothes steamer
 ceramic jewelry box  made by mom
 dad's jewelry box
 hand held steam machine
 mini sleigh 

 deep muscle pain relief

I wonder if this is a collectors item
 I know this is....who knows what merchurochrome is???

metal drawers full of stuff
more stuff 
 two rolls of fabric to stop weeds from growing up through
 something to install heavy bearings with??

 one gallon gas can
 auto belt
 PH tester
 saw blades
 leaf clippers and screwdrivers
 mini weather vane?
 short hand held hoe

 metal punch
 screw together tent 

Some sort of watering thing!

 blue heavy metal holders with metal rods?

 sump pump
 Halogen car headlight
 metal weed digger

snow shovel 
 Shaving Cream
body powder 
 Bubble Bath
pumice stone 

back scratchers

 Plastic carpet tred
 box storage (plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper etc


that's me said...

angel topper
Punch bowl – Merrilee’s doll for Skye to cherish, CHRISTMAS CLASSICS RED BOOK!!!!!! You can take the dishes if no one wants them. We can store them. Dominos. Nut chopper. Some of the Christmas ornaments – silver and gold. Christmas Tree Skirt
Weed stop fabric
Skye would love the walking sticks
Oooooooo back scratchers!
any of the tables or furniture that noone else wants

this is Jeff BTW lol

Kristanne Willden said...

So if no wants them the charcoal lighter, the butter bar, the sleigh Christmas cards, and the birds, the tree skirt, the bug zapper and any of the food storage.

Carrolline Willden said...

I would like one of the Jewelry Boxes, preferable grandpas