mothers day

Monday, May 7, 2012

#7...I lied!!!! There is one more blog! (sorry...its a life time )

I know I said that there wouldn't be anymore but that last blog was so long and mostly full of boring stuff...this is much more fun

 Two towels and a washcloth
 night light- brand new still in the box

 microwavable heat pack
 elastic bandages

 Christmas stocking (new)


 Saints at War...whoever gave this to dad...its yours
 No doubt about Shari Dew
 History and stories of Millard County...Leamington!

 Doctrine and Covenants Commentary
 LaVell Edwards...airing it out
 God's Greatest Gift

 Oversized towel
 Complete set of gorgeous stoneware (service for 14?)
 electric food warmer
 Tupperware Bowl - LARGE
 Dicer (as seen on TV)
 Rubbermaid Ice Bucket
 Sealing wax with seal
 Domino Set in wooden box
 a couple of legal sized yellow pads

 Boxed set of Christmas Cards w/envelopes
 Another Set of Christmas Cards
 Third Set of Christmas Cards
 nut or onion chopper
 Set of two cute marshmellow mugs
Mom's silver plate utinsels

 silver ornaments
 Lighted Easter Village
 Bird house
 gold ornaments
 cute ceramic Christmas scene
 Christmas large candle holder
 4 candle wooden Christmas scene (German)
 Christmas tree angel
 Mom's handmade Christmas Tree skirt
 Halloween Ghostee
Red and gold ornaments


Kristanne Willden said...

If no one else wants them we would like the walking sticks, the was and seal, and the dominoes set. Also any of the church books that aren't fiction.

Shawn said...

I'd like the barometer. It might be nice to have, and it would definitely remind me of grandpa.