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Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Mountain Spot

All summer long you have heard me say "we're going to the mountain"...and off we go, just Ed and I to enjoy each other's phone, no internet...just time away from the hectic lives we lead, enjoying the beautiful mountain retreat. I am not complaining about my life as I truly am spoiled but there are weeks that I am so stressed with constant going going going and running running running and doing doing doing that I NEED my down time to survive. We belong to a private campground in the mountains East of Boise. It is a camp ground literally built on the side of a mountain. We have a fun swimming pool to enjoy, a beautiful commons area covered in grass and surrounded by pine trees (mainly Ponderosa pines) and a club house with a big deck to have parties on. We love the people we have met up in Idaho... our only complaint is that it is so far away from home...5-6 hour drives, depending on whether or not we are hauling a trailer behind us.

This is what my flower garden looked like before I went to work on the weeds.
There are some pretty flowers planted long ago, but it is so inundated with weeds you can't appreciate them at all
I got me a pair of working gloves and a fantastic little hand shovel and went to work. This year I cleaned out the weeds and next year I plan on filling it with flowers! I think I enjoy this because here in Layton the yard has always been Eds - this flower garden in Idaho is mine!! YAY! Now I need to learn about plants that don't take too much water, although we do have access to all we want we don't want to waste it as there is a whole mountain full of people using the same spring!
Frank and Cat said that they have tried planting grass across the street from here several times...but it never took. I think that's because all the seed blew across the road and landed in the flower gardens. The normal weeds weren't hard to get out but the roots on the grass system was a bear. I got blisters on top of blisters this summer cleaning all the grass roots out of the beds.

The grass is going to be an ongoing problem along with the suckers from the wild roses and the various trees around, but if I can stay ahead of the game I can win!! It will just mean spending at least an hour or two every week pulling weeds.
This is a corner of our toy hauler when we went up to the mountain in 2007. We parked on someone else's lot and enjoyed their gorgeous view of the mountain. They had a nice deck overhanging the cliff. We won't be able to do that as we have road and fence right in front of lot - but we have great plans to beautify our little corner of bear mtn.
This is a view from atop the mountain across the canyon looking down on part of Bear Mtn. Mainly you can see the roads traversing the side of the mountain/ I believe the swimming pool is just to the left of the first tree - more than halfway up the 'tree' (the light blue spot). We are WAY across the canyon looking down.
This is a picture of the pool - they heat it with a combination of solar panels (thats the long black stuff you see above the pool) and propane. There is a nice grassy area at the top edge of the pool hidden by the pine trees. Although we have running water and electricity we do not have indoor plumbing (except in our individual trailers), thus the cute little biffy in the lower left hand corner of the picture.
Another view from across the canyon - quite a bit closer. Our trailer is the one to the right of the tree trunk. You can see Frank and Cat's trailer to the left of ours. There are a couple more trailers hidden in the trees - the road zigzags up the mountain side.
Here is our 'new' 2003 Wilderness trailer sitting on the lot. There is a lot of work for us to do to make our lot as pretty and refreshing as many of the older lots are. The open ground at the fore- front of the picture is 'common ground' between us and our neighbors, Frank and Cat. We are going to either plant grass to share, with a fire pit in the middle of it (so we can invite all our neighbors over for an open house and cook s'mores) or we are going to make a 'patio' of flat rocks - again with the fire pit. The hillside behind is going to be terraced so that we can plant flowers AND tomatoes and squash and has to be terraced because it is so steep - but by the end of next year I hope to post a before and after picture showing how pretty and green it turns out.
This picture was taken in August of our old trailer...Ed has been busy leveling out the area - I have one of the most sunny spots on the mountain and I am thankful for it. I love the warmth of the sun. It will be greener though!
This is looking to the East of our trailer - there are two trailer lots on the same level at the end of the road. You can see the outhouse for our level, then there is a beautiful lot next to it that has got so many flowers and bushes planted on the hillside right outside where the door of the trailer would sit. You can see the car and edge of the trailer for Don and Lucinda who live 'at the end of the lane'. The road up the hill takes you to Bobby Lee and Elizabeth's spot.
Another view of our barren hillside that will next year be blooming!

These pavers came out of the unused sand box in the back yard (the grandkids can play in the sand around the swingset now) We are going to use them to make steps up the side of our big hill so we can terrace it and put in a drip system to water the flowers and plants we are going to plant.
i took these pictures this weekend - the sumac in front of my door (across the road) is simply beautiful with the fall colors. The rest of the mountain is just starting to change - but this tree is so striking - and notice please, the absence of weeds!.

another view!

The sumac with the mountains above it

Some of the daisy's I found when I finally got all the weeds cleaned out of the flower gardens.
I think right now Ed and I are being very selfish with our time...but after years of raising kids and working, we are now at the point of our lives when we are ready to retire and boy WE ARE READY. Our little spot at Bear Mtn is OUR spot...just the two of us. We hope to do some more camping and four wheeling with our kids and grandkids with the ATV and the razor and the toy hauler too. The first few years of our retirement I don't know how often we will be or two weeks out of the month maybe. Of course, some of these plans will depend on my dad's health. We hope to go to Germany next summer with Donald and Bonnie, and also head up into Oregon and Washington in our trailer. We figure that when we are sightseeing the North Western states we won't want to haul a four wheeler around so our new trailer will work perfectly. And at some point we want to go on a mission.... probably the fall of 2012.


Kristanne said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you beautifying your little spot. The weeded garden looks nice. The mountains are pretty.

Mauri said...

What a beautiful area! I'm glad you've found your little home away from home, you deserve it!