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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I've never finished my Quartzsite blogs but thats okay - I had a very busy week last week and it was a good week - I got to see and hug everyone of my grandkids except Cade last week. I guess I need to sit down and send him a hug in the mail!

Monday I went to Provo and helped Kecia and Glenn move into temporary home - Kecia says she is NOT moving until after this baby comes though! -- Emma was at Aunt Da's all day and I didn't get to see her until about 6:30 but she was so excited to see GRANDMA!!!! She is so much fun and has such a personality - as we drove downtown to dinner she reached over and petted my hair and said "pretty"...that was after spending hours loading and unloading boxes - such a soft little gesture to say I love you.

When Melinda brought Emma home she brought Benjamin and Simon with her and they stayed out in the new I ran outside to get some hugs and kisses before they headed back to Lehi. Ben just grinned and was so cute. I talked to them aobut their new van and Simon's eyes just lit up and he said CAR! In fact he is saying all sorts of words. Da came out to the car and I mentioned that to him and she said yeah, he is ...say Mama...and Simon says Maaaaa .....meeeee and he grinned that cute grin that just melts your heart. Not to be outdone I said 'say grandma' and he grins again and says MAAAAAA! So that is who I am this week.

Thursday morning at 7:15 Jamie showed up with the twins and I got to watch them for a few hours. I didn't need to feed them as they had eaten just before coming and Kelly took them home to feed them before ten. But I got to play with them and talk to them - they don't sleep all morning now - they are awake and looking and playing with toys. I have added a cute video (maybe two, I'll see how long it takes to download them) at the end of this blog.

Thursday I went to Lifeline and got to publicly tell Makae that I loved her. I tickled Ethan's back and gave him a hug at the meeting and winked at Jace. After the meeting I got to go up and give Makae a big hug. That night she called me to set up a date to go shopping for Christmas - we settled on Monday at 1 but then Kris told me on Saturday that she couldn't do that until 3rd phase. But it was fun to talk to her on the phone and I guess we will wait to buy her Christmas present for another couple weeks till she makes 3rd phase.

Friday I drove into Ogden and stopped in at Mauri and Ira's - Jerod was home sick so I got to give him the small bag of amethyst rocks for his rock tumbler. He hasn't used his Christmas present yet but hopefully when it warms up and they can set it working outside where the noise doesn't drive them crazy he can start polishing up some of the rocks he has. I guess I didn't give him a hug cause he had the flu but I got to visit with him for a minute. Then Ira came upstairs and we talked for almost two hours. Caleb and Joshua came home from school and I got to talk to them for a minute too, and give them both big hugs. Caleb got the leftovers from Adrie's last hair color job and his hair was a gorgeous dark warm brown that set off his eyes just beautifully. He likes his hair just a little long and cute - its like the beatles wore - long but not too long. Joshua had his hair cut short and cute and he headed out to go play with a friend but I got another hug first. I sat and visited with Ira and Jerod and Caleb and finally had to head home since Mauri and Adrie still weren't there.

But they showed up at my house for a bit Friday evening and Adrie and I had a great visit. She is going to run track and that sounds like so much fun. She was getting her hair colored the next day and was trying to decide what color to go. I agreed with her that red with gold streaks would probably look really really great on her.

Then finally on Saturday I got to see Jace again while Kristanne headed to Draper to visit Cade. He played in the hot tub and watched tv and played with his game boy. Grandpa Ed had waited to take him with him to drive to Centerville and take the razor in for a check up but he didn't want to go. That was fine. He stayed home with me and we had a good time. I made him cookies but didn't realize until too late that he didn't like peanut butter cookies. Next time I will try chocolate chip.


Kristanne said...

That is quite a busy week. Thank you so much for watching Jace. He enjoyed the hot tub. The videos of the babies is way cute.

Jamie said...

Boy, the babies sure liked that reindeer! How fun!

Melinda said...

Good thing you've got grandkids to keep you busy! You're a wonderful grandma. Sounds like you had a great week.