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Friday, July 24, 2009

Simple but Beautiful Necklaces

I decided to showcase some of my simpler designs. Most of them are illusion style necklaces which you know I love.

This is the chocolate rock illusion set - these rocks are polished and richer in color than the set I show at the very end of this blog. (Those rocks are greyer and more natural in tone.)

This is where I started putting flowers in my pictures. As one of my darling children said "You are Petal Soft Jewelry, so put petals in your pictures!" The pictures with flowers in them seem to come alive. So slowly but surely I am redoing all of my pictures - check out my Etsy site and you will see how much better a lot of the pictures are!

This illusion necklace is one of the more expensive of this type - $20- for the set because it is made only with the Swarovski Crystals - the earrings have additional spacers and such on the triple drop but the necklace itself is wire, crimp beads and crystals - and so easy and beautiful to wear.
You know how much I love the illusion style necklace - my favorite thing to wear is something simple and sparkly around my neck and this one fits the bill exactly. I call it Joyful Iridescence. It was hard to get a good picture of it - I need to try again with this one. This is a combination of Swarovski crystals alternating with iridescent cubes both in the amethyst tones. They have two little crimp beads between each larger bead - but I didn't crimp the crimp beads - the necklace just slides on the wire loose. At the back of the necklace I repeated the iridescent cubes and put a charm that says JOY by the magnet closure so it would be easy to feel where the magnet is to open.

This is called Sparkles in Gold - it is a choker style necklace on a cute squiggly wire. The pendant has sparkling rhinestones in it. It only sells for $10- because there wasn't alot of time put into making it ;-)
This is another very simply made, $10 necklace but it is so soft and beautiful. The leaf is a soft mesh formed leaf showing veins and such. It drapes off a softly coiled silver toned necklace.

You've seen my calla lilly necklaces before but I like the picture on this one better and I added earrings to both of my calla lilly necklaces. These earrings are on antique gold POSTS!! I finally found some posts for my earrings that don't look CHEAP! These are elegant. And hypoallergenic!! Now if I could just find them in silver tones!!
You've seen this one before too - In fact it has been one of my most popular necklaces. Simple rose quarts on an illusion wire.
This is a fun choker style - almost too fancy to be called simple but I put it in here anyway. The main bead is a gold sparkley glass bead in rectangular shape with magnet beads, glass iridescent beads and simple plastic beads. It is made on memory wire. If I had more of the gold rectangular beads I would make a matching bracelet for it. The earrings are simple one drop dangles.
I reworked this necklace - it always had the cobalt blue cubes and cut metal spacers in the very middle of the necklace but the next set of beads were a dark blue twisted iridescent bead that was beautiful but it detracted from the cobalt blues. So I cut it all apart and restrung it with more cubes and I really like this combination. I added earrings to this necklace also.
This is my favorite picture - I spent Monday and Tuesday with Emma Lynn (blog to come) and while she was still sleeping Tuesday morning and the morning sun was shining in through Kecia's East kitchen French Doors I took this picture. I think I will go down and use Kecia's table for all of my pictures - the deep rich tones of the wood create a magnificent picture (I think even Shawn will be impressed)!! By the way, this is my red crystal illusion necklace and the earrings that I just added to create a set are hanging off the main rose on the right hand side. They almost disappear!

And last but not least is this set - Simply rock and shell beads strung on illusion wire - the earrings are loops with more of the same rocks. The thing about this set it is looks great with jeans and can be classy and casual at the same time. Only $12.00 for this set!!


Kecia said...

You can use my table whenever you want to photograph!

Kristanne said...

see you haven't gotten in a rut. They look nice. The wood does make the crystals and beads stand out.

Makae said...

I want the golden simple 10$ one! ;]]

Melinda said...

Gorgeous! Adding the flowers really makes the pictures glamorous.