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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Latest Creations

I thought I might let you see what I have been up to these last couple of weeks in between Jill and running back and forth to Boise for some rest and relaxation.

This necklace is called Waves of Copper due to the design in the pendant which looks like waves of copper and turquoise. It is a really pretty necklace. Most of these necklaces are much the same design with beadwork, chain and a glass pendant highlighted by the beads. I've been in somewhat of a rut but yet at the same time I think they are pretty. I finally broke down and bought a new magazine with new ideas - I don't really copy the necklaces but rather the ideas.

I call this one Turquoise Fronds - the pendant has the most gorgeous silver design across the front of it that reminds me of fronds waving in the breeze.

The pendant on this one is a mottled black and silver glass butterfly - really pretty. It has a really original name of "Black Butterfly" - if any of you out there come up with creative names for any of these necklaces let me know and I will change them!!!

You'll probably have to double click on this one to see the pink porcelain looking bead in the center. It is called Pink Porcelain and Butterflies - the silver toned butterflies on the necklace are repeated in the earrings
Coppers and topaz tones are some of my favorites and this one is too busy for me but there are a lot of ladies out there that will really like this one. I call this one Copper Layers

This set is a simple illusion necklace with soft turquoise flowered porcelain looking beads and silver dragonflies. I named it Porcelain Beauty

I got the beads for this one from an older necklace at Saver's and restrung it in a different design and it turned out beautiful. The beads are polished jasper in all different colors. The name of this necklace is Jasper in Gold. The earrings are not made with the rock but rather plastic chips. I said on my site that I would redo the earrings with the real rocks if the client wanted them.

That's it for now - hope you enjoyed them. And, yes, I know, I created for this purpose - to showcase my necklace and earring sets but somehow I clicked on the wrong bookmarked page and ended up with it showing up here. I think that for now I will leave that blogspot for my classes to tell people to go and look and see what they can make (Labor Day Weekend I am teaching an ankle bracelet class and September 24th is our Ward Super Saturday and I will be teaching an illusion necklace class there)

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Kristanne said...

I really like the blue one and the pink butterfly one. I don't think your in a rut. The last one with the jasper reminds me so much of a necklace that my Mom has with matching earrings. It has a whole bunch of different jasper beads as well. It was one we thought about wearing for the fashion show, but ended up not. I really do like it. She has always called it her squash blossom necklace. Don't know where the name comes from.