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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


All of my family knows that I have been going gung ho on making necklaces since I came back from Arizona. I love it. My creative side has an outlet again. I have made over 38 necklaces and I look forward every day to having an hour or two to work on them -

Most of it I have taught myself - with the help of a few books but mostly by trial and error. I love the illusion necklace and this one is done in pink. The earrings I learned by following the instructions in a book but the bracelet was learned in a class at Ben Franklin. That is a fun way to learn the craft. We took four inch pieces of wire and the pearls and the beads and created the bracelet!!! FUN! It makes a fun set that I will probably price at $24 for the whole set - which is cheap when you realize the bracelet alone took two hours!!!

This looks redder than it really is - the stones are brown with red and green and gray markings in them. The copper accents really add to the necklace - this is a one of a kind - I will not sell it for less than $25 although that will probably include a pair of earrings
This is another of my favorites - copper and crystal and bronze metallic beads - really gorgeous with the matching earrings - it can be reproduced and will sell for $22
This necklace is made with memory wire. It always retains its shape - you cut the wire which is quite heavy and then string the beads on to it. There are silver beads glued on each end to keep the beads from falling back off. I have worn this and gotten many compliments on it. It will probably sell for $22 . This one is done with black beads, white pearls and silver and grey stones.
This is my wild one - wooden beads painted in orange and reds combined with real coral. The earrings are made with the beads and then little red and orange and color colored plastic - it kind of settles the set. This set will sell for about $18
This was just a fun one. In one of the bags of beads I bought there were plastic 'feathers' - so I put together this turquoise illusion necklace - it will sell for $8-10
Ethan really liked this one - he has decided he wants a 'manly necklace with at least one of these stone circles in it! price?? about $22
This was an interesting necklace to create. Each of the little jump rings were individually opened and added to the one nect to it. I realize now that I could buy chain already hooked together and I would be able to make this one in a lot less time.

This style is one of my favorites A single strand illusion necklace. In fact the first several necklaces I made were two or three strands but I like the simple look of one strand. I have made them in lavender, pink, turquoise, cobalt blue, pale blue, copper (really gorgeous) and black. These will be sold for $13-$18 depending on the cost of the materials in the necklace.
This is one I made after I learned how to 'twist' wire...thus I could combine strung beads with necklace links. This one is a long necklace and is gorgeous. I will probably sell it for about $30 or $35.
I bought the stone and bail (that is the silver piece holding the stone in place down in Arizona and have been thinking about how I wanted to design this piece. With a few suggestions from Kecia I have finally finished it.

I have lots more - my 'girls' all have a set they are wearing, except for Kris because she can't decide what she wants - she doesn't wear much jewelry so she is still unsure. I have already told the girls that if they want their double strands turned into single strands I will gladly readjust them.

I sold one necklace to Mauri for a birthday present for one of Adrie's friends, and I 'traded' another necklace to Kecia for some Mary Kay!! And I have one necklace on 'order' from a neighbor so I really have started into business. Jeff has said that I can display the necklaces on his site and I am thinking about having necklace parties. Whatever I can do to support my 'habit'!!!


Jamie said...

Awesome! I wish I had some artsy talent. You are getting better and better at making that stuff! :)

Kristanne said...

They are quite pretty. I thought so when you brought them over to take the pictures. I'm still thinking.

Melinda said...

I love my necklace. It's a single strand illusion necklace, in neutral colors so I can wear it with black, pink, green, or pretty much any color. Love it!

Just an idea on the marketing photos. Maybe do a closeup of a section of the stones to inset against the picture of the full necklace so online buyers can see the detail better. They're beautiful!

Jeff said...

Susan, you should try selling them on Etsy! just check out will need to set up an account but it is really inexpensive to sell on that site! Of course we will add a page to our website for you!

Susan said...

Thanks for the comments everyone - I am going to work on the pictures of the necklaces this weekend - I know we can do better - I do want to get some upclose pictures of the beading along with the necklace itself. And yes, Jeff, I am looking into Etsy.

Makae said...

You need to post about your necklaces and put up a link to Etsy