mothers day

Friday, March 20, 2009

Help - I need some ideas

As many of you know we had the television taken out of Jill's room because she would never watch it - EVER. The very week it went away, the nurses realized that Jill could no longer hold her body upright - so she would lean/fall forward while sitting in her wheelchair.

They get her up and get her dressed everyday and she still is wheeled into the dining room for her meals but then they put her back to bed - or at least on top of the bed where she lays staring at the walls and ceiling all day.

I thought that maybe I could make a mobile for her with some of her sparkly necklaces and some pictures etc that she could look at - but it would have to be attached to the side or end of her bed so it would have to have a REALLY long arm...

any suggestions? ideas? thoughts? help!!!!


Kristanne said...

I know there are some moving lamps that have those long adjustable arms, Or maybe even you could have grandpa or Ed or jeff make an arm out of two pieces of wood that has joint in the middle. That way it would be long, but could also fold up and towards the wall when they needed to get her up. or even turn the opposite direction. I've seen lamps like those in doctor offices, and dentists.

Jeff said...

I think that anything we can do that will help Jill Pill is ok with me-I just hope and pray that she is in a happy place during these cloudy days.
after seeing her remember me, I do not want to see her any other way... but I need to.