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Sunday, February 22, 2009


my twins - Kelly and Kecia abt 1982

I know that I said my next blog would be pictures of the cactus and desert of Southwestern Arizona but I lied!!! We had a family party tonight at my house and had so much fun but the highlight of the whole night was when Kelly and Jamie came with Harley dog. Harley ran in the house wearing this cute little t-shirt with two binkies tied onto it.

Wait a minute - I had seen two binkies before --- about two years ago when Kecia and Glenn and Kelly and Jamie had given me an easter egg with two binkies on it. But this was NOT a dual announcement from my twins and their spouses like before. This was an announcement from Kelly and Jamie...alone!

Kelly and Jamie are having TWINS!!!!!


Kelly is the male member of my set of twins. Its enough of a shock to think that he is going to be a daddy - and to start right out with a pair of babies. Jamie - you are going to have your hands full!!!

I can't wait till September to welcome these little ones here. Tammy - you might be number # grandma ...but I live closer!!!!!

CONGRATS TO you both - Jamie and Kelly. You will love having twins!! I know that I did. I am so thrilled for you.

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Kristanne said...

that was pretty amazing news. I am so happy for them.