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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dirk is coming HOME!!! Yeah!!!

Our soldier is safe and sound back in America and will be landing in Salt Lake City at 0 dark hundred (5:45 am) - it is an awful time to pack up kids and babies and cameras and be at the airport but I don't care anymore - our soldiers are coming home.

I have been proudly flying this cute banner in my living room window for a year now showing that I have a soldier on active duty overseas. I will gladly take it down. I love America and I am so proud of Dirk and all that he has accomplished this last year. But it is his turn to come home to a heroes welcome. From all reports that is what they will be giving him at the National Guard Hanger at Airport two tomorrow morning. We will be there flying flags and screaming WELCOME HOME DIRK!!

I will finally find out where his base (Salerno) is located - other than 'just a few miles from the Pakastani border". I know his first stop after leaving Salerno has always been Bagram - but that is all I have known.

This is a picture I took of Dirk just before he left a year ago. That is his sweet wife to his left. You think I am excited - she is ecstatic. Its been a long lonely year for both of them.
But he is coming home - Melinda and Benjamin and Simon will be so happy to get hubby and daddy home.

Da and I are putting up flags and balloons and yellow ribbons in their front yard to say "Welcome Home". I know he will be tired because he won't get much sleep tonight waiting for flights out of Washington but he will survive.

Several of his siblings will be there to say Welcome Home and we want to take him out to breakfast before he heads back home. Hoorah Hooray - our soldier is coming home!


Dirk said...

Just a Note of correction.

We are arriving at the Air Guard Hanger on the East side (Take the General Aviation Exit from I-215) of SL Intl Airport, not at Airport #2 which is down in West Jordan.

Kristanne said...

Well, we would all like to be there, but Makae and Cade have to catch a bus before they could make it back. Makae would be fine missing some school, but it is really difficult for Cade. Shawn and Ethan are coming. Jace said he wanted to but after Ethan got up, he came and got in my bed and said he couldn't do it, too early and immediately fell back to sleep. I sent my love with Shawn.

Jamie said...

Welcome back, Dirk! I am glad Kelly could make it. Sorry I wasn't there. Sick, pregnant, sleepy...I am sure you understand! :)

Susan said...

Kris - I can just see Jace curling up in that warm bed and saying "its toooo early!!" Bless his heart. Ethan was a joy to have - all of Dirks siblings were there which was special - We did miss you and Jamie - but I remember how important sleep becomes when one is enciente!! (how do you spell that anyway!) I even almost missed it because my alarm didn't go off. I was supposed to be at the airport parking lot to help Da at 5:30. Kelly called me and woke me up at 5:twenty 5. UGH - no bath, no deodorant, no makeup - I chewed some dentyne on the way -- but I got to give him a hug and welcome him home!! That is what counted.

Melinda said...

It was a fantastic reunion, and Dirk loved the yellow ribbons and flags in the yard. The balloons all blew away, though. Thanks so much for decorating, and breakfast, and everything. You're wonderful!

Susan said...

that is so sad about the balloons - that storm blew just enough to make the flags fall down and the balloons to blow away!! I am so glad that the ward put up all those flags around your yard - and that a few of mine stayed up. At least Dirk got the message that we were EXCITED to have him come home