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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

snow ... Snow ... SnoW ... SnOW ... SNOW!!!!

Its snowing....



What does it think it is ...January or something???

When I got home from my walk (COLD!! -- 19 degrees!!) on Monday I checked the temp outside and was amazed that it was snowing so heavily at only twenty degrees - I always thought it had to be warmer outside to snow - closer to 28 degrees. NOPE! So I thought - this is a good stay at home day. I changed the sheets, did the laundry, cleaned the houe, watched Treasure Planet (a cute movie I had bought for my grandkids a couple of years ago and never watched. It is a FUN movie!!) while I knit more pretty hats. After the movie was over I watched all the bonus material ...added another couple hours of the day. About 7:30 I went outside to take the trash can out to the curb and got out the snow shovel and cleaned the driveway, in front of the mail box, and the sidewalk up next to the house, along with the porch. I figure there were 5-6 inches of snow. It had quit snowing and I thought - ahhh, that's well done .... now tomorrow the sun can come out and melt everything else down and I will have dry cement!

HAH!! I got up this morning and the temp had moved up to a warm (?) 26 degrees! Again, it was snowing and again I got home from my walk drenched from the snow. (By the way, the duckies are starving so if any of you have old bread, stale cereal, or weavilly wheat - save it for me so I can feed it to the birds!)

I decided to go ahead and clean the walks and driveway off again thinking that the snow would be stopping SOON! By the time I came in the house I was aching in every upper body muscle. I took a short nap and then a HOT bath and waited for the snow to stop so I could run over to visit Jill and up to see my dad. HAH!

It is now almost 4:30...I did tromp through the snow out to the mail box to get the mail and to drag the trash can back to the house....but that is it!

It is beautiful though - the flakes are huge and it is so serene outside. I am so thankful for my nice warm house... I think I will go put another movie on!
Maybe White Christmas!!


Kecia said...

I'm glad I didn't have to go anywhere today! I think tomorrow is going to be more of the same.

Kristanne said...

I know - I was out in it all day, and it was terrible. Glad I had the Durango. I am checking the weather and hoping we get at least a day's rest from the snow so I can get all of the driveway clear, between the multiple shoveling and the nice snowplow throwing all the heavy snow in the base of the driveway it has to be redone again.

Dirk said...

Today we had a High of 78, and a low of 32.1 With clear skys and not a trace of white stuff to be seen except on distant mountain tops.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's the temp I hope to enjoy in Quartzsite in about ten days but I thought Afghanistan had pretty much the same climate as us...78 degrees in January!!

Melinda said...

Yeah, this week has been crazy weather. Except I guess it isn't crazy since it's January and snow is normal. Ack. I'm getting tired of it too. I had to drive Ben around the corner to play at his friend's house because I can't push a stroller through this, and it's just such a waste to strap kids in a carseat to drive four houses away!