mothers day

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is Shawn's kick in the butt!!

Okay Shawn - this is your mother moved out of your office a YEAR ago and you still haven't had time to clean it up???? For shame!!!


I think we have a little teenage (middle age??) angst going on here - knowing your mind and how it works you have probably just said to yourself I will clean that up when I am good and ready and not one minute before then, I don't care who nags at me!!

so, I cleaned it up for you!!
HAH! That'll have you worried. I didn't touch your office, though it needs to be cleaned up too, but I did organize the old office. I figured that if you haven't needed the item in the last six months you just plain don't need it.

However, nothing was thrown away and I have just organized everything into piles. With all that Kris has to worry about right now, she doesn't need mad shawn!!

Either Shawn will never allow me in his house again or he will invite me back to clean up his office ....hmmmm, wonder which it will be.


Kecia said...

Good work mom. Still cleaning up after your kids. I had to laugh looking at that hideous carpet...what it is, striped multi-colored shag? With wood paneling? One guess as to what decade that house was built!

Susan said...

Maybe Shawn was just trying to protect his family from that hideous carpet!! RIGHT?

Jamie said... old is Shawn and his mother is STILL cleaning up after him? Do we need an intervention? LOL

Kristanne said...

Honestly I have tried to clean that room and been threatened by "DON't TOUCH THING!" Course I would have thrown stuff away!!

Melinda said...

Hey Susan! Want to come clean our garage!

Dirk said...

Good idea, there are all those law books just taking up space.


Susan said...

ho boy - that was a good one Dirk!

hey - this is my spot...when or how did the word verification get put on my spot. I hate them!!