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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Grandma Bea had a rough weekend emotionally but was doing much better Tuesday morning.

The kids had this poem sitting on the bench by the headstone. Talk about a tear jerker!

This is a good view of the headstone on Colleen and Randy's graves. Its hard to see with the raindrops but it lists Colleen's name and birthdate and then Randy's name and birthdate and then in the middle one line down it says "
Returned to HeavenTogether
Jan 28, 2008

It's not JUST that they love grandma Bea but it was warmer and drier next to her!! :-)

This is the writing on the edge of the bench on Colleen's side of the headstone

This is the writing on Randy's side!

This was what it looked like by 9:30 am on Memorial Day - more was added later!!


Jamie said...

I love those quotes on the headstone bench. They match those two perfectly! It looks like they are well loved and remembered with all those flowers!

Kristanne said...

It was quite pretty and quite the family gathering. I did think it was quite cold though. Too bad it wasn't nicer weather. I felt like I missed visiting the relatives this weekend.

Susan said...

It was so very cold - right after you guys left the sun came back out and it felt like summer!! The family gathered around Colleen and Randy's graves rather than Cecil's this year and there weren't near as many people at the cemetery as there usually was! We missed you guys too! After the sun came out and it turned warm again then the storms came back with a vengence turning cold, hailing again, windy...miserable. They even had to cancel the program!!

melissa said...

wow.. I wouldn't have expected anything less. My dad said their grave was covered in flowers. What a beautiful headstone.

Melinda said...

Thanks for posting those pictures. I love the saying on Randy's bench.