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Thursday, December 13, 2007

New York

WE are in Oneonta, New York this week. That is upstate New York!! However, for those of you who know New York, you also know that anyplace that isn't NEW YORK CITY, is considered upstate New York. Oneonta is North and East of the New York Pennsylvania border. It is a lovely little town of about 13000 according to Google and of course it has a .Job Corps Center here - Ed is here to do a records audit. Last time I joined Ed in Oneonta it was 18 degrees - so I figured that at 37 degrees they were having a heat wave this time around. We arrived here late Monday - it made me appreciate Ed's traveling days for what they really are, bless his heart. We left home about 6:30 am, with our flight leaving about 8:50 am and arriving in Cincinnatti Ohio at noon Utah time or 2 pm, Eastern time. Then at 3:25 we took off on another plane to Scranton Wilkesbury Pennsylvania. Landing at 5 pm we picked up the car and headed North for an hour and then East for another hour. We got to our hotel at about 7:30 pm - that makes for a lonnnnggggg day! Tuesday morning I slept through breakfast (Ed got up and headed off to work leaving me sawing logs. I have it really rough when I go on these trips with Ed. I lay around the hotel all day, reading and doing indexing, swimming and hot tubbing. And going out to eat for lunch and dinner - no house work, no cooking, no laundry. Just plain hate it. :-)

So Tuesday was rainy. They kept telling us we were going to get a freezing rain but it never happened. Wednesday was cold - as in COLD - they said it was 34 with a feelslike temp of 10 and I agreed! When I woke up this morning (Thursday) at 8 am it was wet - not icy or snowy - when I looked out the window again at 10 am everything was covered with snow. It snowed all day long - we probably have 8 inches of snow outside now - these pictures were taken through our hotel room window - according to the tv lots and lots of school districts closed school today which is amazing because even though they got alot of snow - driving wasn't that bad. Ed told the people at the job corps that too - seems awfully wimpy to me, and as much snow as the Eastern Seaboard has gotten this year the kids will be going to school until July to make up for missing school days!

One thing I love about Oneonta are the beautiful old homes. Lots and lots of what in Utah we would call pioneer homes - Two and three story homes with porches and turrets and personality. Of course they are probably about the same age as our oldest homes in Utah but that makes them youngsters in New York. It would be so fun to have a beautiful old home like this

We are supposed to be heading North West to Palmyra New York tomorrow morning. The weather is supposed to have cleared and we shouldn't have any trouble getting there. I am worried about Sunday, however, as we head all the way across the state again coming back and driving to Middletown New York which is farther South, but still upstate.

We want to do a temple session in Palmyra and then tour the visitors center at Hill Cumorah. We stopped there in 2005 but had so little time we missed out on both of those spots.

Ed will spend Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Delaware Valley Job Corps Center doing a records audit there and then we will fly back home to Utah. Some day I want to come out here when the weather is good...hey wait a minute...I did, last April and spent five days in the hospital. I will be happy with the snow!!


Jamie said...

I love those old houses too! Especially the Victorian looking ones with the wrap-around porches.

You will love Palmyra! Too bad it isn't warmer so you can walk through the Sacred Grove. The temple is beautiful, smaller than most, but beautiful none the less. Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

We made it to Palmyra today - we are staying in a gorgeous Hampton Inn on the south end of Rochester. We got upgraded to a suite so Ed is watching tv in one room while I am cuddling in the bedroom with my book and computer!!

The temple was so nice tonight. We got to be the witness couple and it is a beautiful little temple. All the stained glass pictures of the Sacred Grove are just beautiful. We even walked all the way around the temple in the icy cold wind to enjoy how the chandeliers in the Celestial Room cause the leaves in the stained glass window to sparkle !! Gorgeous.

Saturday we will go back over to the Sacred Grove - we have warm winter coats - I am looking forward to touring the Hill Cumorah visitors center too.

Aubrey said...

Hi Susan! I loved getting out of school when it snowed in Virginia and hated it here when it snowed because we still had to go! It made snow a lot more exciting (at least for us, my mom might have a different story). Plus, in Virginia, we only had to go to the front yard to go sledding--I loved it.

Aubrey said...

Oh yeah--I love the Victorian and Colonial-style houses as well. New houses have NO personality--except Jamie's, of course. It has a farting dog and you can't argue with that!

Jamie said...

HA HA! This Aubrey girl knows what she is talking about! ;)