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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grandkids and the Treehouse

Caleb, Jerod, Joshua and Adrie - precious grandchildren
I mentioned in my last blog about how fun it was to watch my grandkids's faces as they opened their Christmas gifts. Well - Mauri took her kids to spend a few hours at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden where they now had membership for a year (thanks to grandma susan :-) and it looks like they had lots of fun.

This is Caleb - one of Mauri's five year old twins. Looks like he is having tea!\

Here are a couple of WashingtonTerrace's finest firemen hard at work!! (Caleb and mom, Mauri)

And here we have Miss Adrie - the old (hee hee hee) schoolmarm

and here we have Master Jerod doing the teaching with Joshua as a student.

Kids did you know that your grandma Merritt probably attended a class room much as this? He was telling the story at last nights party about being in the lower grade classroom (It was a two room schoolhouse with grades 1-4 in one class and grades 5-8 in the other classroom!) Grandpa is color blind but no one knew too much about it in those days and his teacher got sooooo mad at him for not coloring his picture with the proper colors. She thought he was just being a smart alecky kid!! Grandpa Merritt says that it wasn't until his induction physical on his 18th birthday that he was told he was color blind and they explained it to him!!!!! WOW!


Mauri said...

Wow, you didn't waste any time getting those up there!
They did all have a blast and can't wait to go back again, there is so much to do there. I didn't send a pic but in the school room they have really old "readers" and books that taught the "Deseret Alphabet" what a trip that is!
Oh and tell Grandpa Merritt that we think Caleb may be colorblind as well. I was talking to Kelly about it the other night and he said if he gets close, he can tell what color it is or if its really vivid. I notice with Caleb when I ask him what color, he may first get it wrong, then he'll get right up close to it and say oh, it's red, (or whatever color it really is). I guess we need to ask the doctor to check to be certain.

Kecia said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun! Marz you got a good looking bunch of kids. I love the pic of the four where josh is between adrie and jerod and is cheesing (as usual) and you can tell he's pulling them both in tight.

Susan said...

Mauri - That is something I didn't realize about being colorblind - I think that getting closer to the color would bring the 'shade' of brown into a closer context, Interesting. Aren't we glad that we know about it now though - so our kids aren't yelled at by the teacher for being bratty when they simply didn't recognize the color!!

And the picture you sent me of Kecia and Emma and Glenn is choice. I will add another blog one day soon and post it but I figured two posts in one day was enough!

Jamie said...

Mauri- It does sound like Caleb might be color blind. Kelly can tell dark from light shades, but isn't certain about the color sometimes. I was telling everyone at the party last night that I think it's so cute when he asks me what color something is. I don't mind helping him a bit, and this handicap of his hasn't slowed him down one bit!

Susan said...

We need to figure out if the gene passes from father (my dad) to daughter (me) to daughter (Mauri) to son....I thought it just went from father to daughter to son...

Susan said...

I just googled Colorblind and the Wikipedia article was really interesting. I as a 'carrier' mother can have a daughter who is also a carrier who could then pass it on to her son or sons. Sorry Mauri!