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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Mayan Ruins of Tulum

 These pictures are all mixed up nd since I am limited on internet time I can't rearrange them.  So you get the tour all jumbled up!!   It was an amazing day - and our tour guide, Angel , below, in white, made it even more fantastic.  He is half Mayan and believes in the Mayan culture passionately - he left us with the same feelings

 Our first port of call was Cozumel and we chose to visit the Mayan Ruins of  Tulum.  We crossed the waters to the mainland off Mexico and were bussed in country to Tulum.  It was amazing
 Here are some of the ruins of Tulum
 Ed and I overlooking the gorgeous beach below Tulum
 Tulum was an educational center for the Mayans

We should have climbed down and enjoyed the beach here but by this time we had walked over three miles and my feet were killing me and we knew we had at least a mile back where we HOPED we could catch a shuttle.   So we admired from afar

 This picture should be at the very end....two huge sister ships in port at Cozumel.

Lots of friendly iguanas - amazing how they change color re their surroundings.

This was shortly after we left Fort Lauderdale - the sunset was gorgeous with the city in the distance 


As we left port there were still three of eight cruise ships to follow - below is the final spit of 'land' jutting out into the ocean 

We had a royal farewell from the Coast Guard - they had lots of fun speeding back and forth along side our ship as we left dock

We have all heard about the Mayan calendar for the last few years - This is the REAL Mayan calendar!!  The one the media has been showing us is actually the Aztec calendar!!
This guy was out where we got off the bus to walk up to Tulum

 The entrance through the rock wall built by the Mayans around their city

I guess you could say we are a little bit taller now  a  days!
 ^The Sacred Well

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