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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cold Springs Trout Farm

 We headed to Cold Springs Trout Farm to have a fun family time.  Ed and I and Makae met Mauri who had Adriana, Jerod, Joshua, Caleb and also Cade and Ethan, and Kecia, Jace, Emma and Leah.  Adrie really didn't want to fish so she carried Leah around and helped her enjoy the fish from a distance.  Meanwhile all of the other kids grabbed a fishing pole and bucket and headed over to the pool of fish.  What a fun time!!!  The only complaint to be had is that they had to QUIT fishing  because we couldn't afford to catch any more!  

 10 of my 16 grandkids...far left is Makae, Ethan, Cade, Caleb, Jerod, Grandpa Ed, Josh, daughter Mauri, JACE, Emma, Leah and Adrie and daughter Kecia.   We missed the other cousins - Dirk wasn't able to bring his boys up like planned and Brayden wasn't feeling well so Jamie stayed home with him and Taylie and Hudson.
 Here is Kecia helping Emma catch a fish - she got quite discouraged before she actually (with mama's help) caught a fish!
 Adriana with miss Leah Rose ...
 Emma caught her fish and then wasn't sure she wanted to get near it!

 We finally got her to hold the line when it quit splashing water on her - I can imagine what she would have done if she had had to put the worm on the hook!!

 Here Emma is at the bowery where grandpa Ed cooked the fish and we had a yummy lunch.  She thought that the fish was pretty tasty.

Cute grin from Leah...Caleb in the background.  I think Caleb was the only one who didn't like his fish...I didn't think he even tried it but he is holding his fish plate in his hands here.  Did he taste the fish?  

We made some good memories  today though.  Cold Springs Trout Farm offers a chance to come and fish WITHOUT  having to buy a license, bring our own gear, or bait our hooks.  They charge you per the size of fish that you catch with the average price being about $4.50 per fish.  That includes gutting, cleaning and filleting the fish for you!!!   We brought charcoal briquets and lemon juice to cook them with.  We had forgetten the salt and pepper so they loaned us a large jar of seasoning salt and we had also forgotten plates, silverware or napkins (we were brought our lunches - didn't really plan on eating the fish there until Cade and Ethan showed up without lunches)...anyway, I took the aluminum foil that we brought to cook the fish on and created out own plates!!  And we ate the fish with our fingers!!  MEMORIES!!

As we were leaving we found this lady at an upper pool where she and her husband were fishing for fingerlings to feed the parrot on her shoulder.  We decided next time we came we would fish in this pond as they would probably only cost a buck a fish...the fun for lots less money!

Grandma went through about $5 worth of quarters buying fish food for the kids to toss to the fish.  
 Cade, Ethan, Jerod, and I think Caleb and Josh all had fun catching the fish with their bare hands!!
This is a definite redo in the future.  Next time we will come more prepared but I don't think we could have any MORE fun than we had today!


Kecia said...

Jace was there too!! And I went through another three bucks in quarters.

Kristanne Willden said...

I bet it was fun. Something they all enjoyed. I am so glad they got to spend this time with family. I sometimes feel that living so far away they are missing out on those important relationships!

Mauri Gibson said...

I went thru a few bucks worth of quarters too. And mom, yes Caleb did try the fish, he liked it at first but after a couple of bites, he said it tasted like the pond. I tasted it and had to agree, very fishy and not very good. I got a better piece a little later and he ate some of that one and said it was good.

Susan said...

Tell Caleb I am proud of him - I knew he wasn't excited about even trying it and now that I think about it I can remember him saying that it tasted like pond water....its amazing how some of the fish tasted so yummy and some were blaaaahhhl.... my fish was delicious. I am glad that Caleb got to try some goooood fish! :-)

I guess besides catching 20 fish we also FED a whole LOT of the beasties.