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Friday, February 17, 2012

Jane's Jewelry

A month ago we drove over to New River Arizona to visit some friends that we met on the cruise.  Ken and Jane were good friends of Kitty and Larry who went on the cruise with us last Fall.

When we met, Jane and I hit it off like we had known each other for years.   She is a zany fun talented lady.  Anyway, she gave me a bunch of her old jewelry that she asked me to bring back to life.  You know how that is…an old favorite or two that shows wear and tear or just needs something to give it zing again.  So off and on, between making other jewelry I have been working on her necklaces.  
I was going to post it on my site but then decided that is for stuff I am selling – this is just stuff that I am re-doing and returning it later to its owner.  I didn’t take pictures of the first group I sent back to her.  Most of them were simply shortening the chain and fixing the clasps etc.  But I did want to show you what I have done.  I will add several pictures of the same necklace so you can see different views 

Before we get to Jane's jewelry though, here are my creations to match her blouses...  lavender and creme

 This necklace was created for this wild and zany shirt

This sweater was my inspiration for the necklace on the right

Finally now we get to Jane's jewelry that I repaired or added to:

 This necklace was made up of blue tones only - thin square capiz can see the blue still there but I added a round shell to each link made up of the same capiz shells but of all different colors.  I kind of rainbowed them from the middle out.

 I am waiting for an order of additional round capiz stones in hot pink to add that color to the mix as Jane has a blouse that has designs of blue, hot pink, yellow and green that we are trying to match.  I changed the closure from a lobster claw to a magnet closure for easier on and off.  I also added shells to the matching earrings
 I loved this necklace - it is worn collar style...right up close around the neck.  It had a pale peach colored ribbon that connected the flowers to the lobster claw closure at the back of the neck.  The ribbon was dirty and frayed so I removed the ribbon and added a double row of brass toned chain that now closes with a toggle.
 The necklace didn't have any earrings to match so I made a pair with pearls and crystals the same colors as the flowers around the neck.  Because the necklace is so 'busy' I made the earrings simple, although I did add some more lightweight chain to dangle at the bottom.  Note the design of the ear wire itself.  I loved these when I found them.  I wish I had bought more of them!

 I added this picture as it shows a LITTLE of the chain at the back of the flowers.
 Jane bought this necklace down in Florida but decided later she didn't like it - it didn't have enough pizzazz, so I added the dichroic glass pendant with matching earrings.
If Jane doesn't like this I will just have to try again.

This next necklace I created myself for a blouse that she just got and needed to find jewelry to match it.  The blouse is a very pale lavender with cream lace...

So I picked crystals that were the same tones as the blouse along with burgandy pearls, antique gold elongated beads, and white stone beads that were a creamy tone like the lace on her blouse.   I matched it up with a striped dichroic glass pendant that I wire wrapped with antique gold and normal gold wire twisted together.  It turned out beautiful.  Again, If the color and style don't match her blouse the way I am thinking it will I will just have to take this one back and try again...I am thinking it MAY be too heavy for the blouse.

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