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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Parrot Island

 Sunday we got together with Ken and Jane and headed to Miami to see Parrot Island.  It is a nature park with all sorts of Islands.  Kind of expensive but not when you realize that alot of the monies go to research to help many of the endangered species of birds and animals there.

 As we headed into the Serpentariam we saw this cute pirate ship heading out into the ocean with a full load of passengers.
 Somehow the pirate ship loses a little of its reality when put in front of one of the MANY high rise apartment buildings right on the ocean front.

 This is the serpentarium and we figured it would be a show about lizards and snakes but actually it was a fun active show that took us around the world with all sorts of different animals - from monkies, to alpacas to lemurs, to the Everglades Alligator.
This little guy had just pulled the elastic out of his workers hair - he really like playing in it!
 He was really just adorable though
 Did you know Lemurs JUMP??  They are amazingly agile.  And soft - one of the handlers walked around the whole crowd brushing us with his long tail
After we finished at the Serpentarium show we walked through the park looking at all of the beautiful displays and fun animals.  This was a stream running under a bridge we walked over - we could see a Blue heron under and through the trees but couldn't get a good picture of it. As we stopped and watched the heron we realized the turtles and gar fish were gathering in the water under us
 It was as if they were waiting for us to feed them.  So I bought a quarter's worth of food and boy - it entertained us for a half hour -
Ed took this picture - the turtles head is just above the water after he ate one of the food bits

This is a sausage tree!!  there are some fascinating trees and flowers and bushes in Florida
We got to feed the parrots
If you look in my hand you can see the cup of nectar I fed him with
This is Jane and Ken who went to Parrot Island with us - fun fun couple - good friends of Kitty and Larry who we invited on the trip

Fun picture of the three of us (grin)

I am surprised these guys don't weigh 20 pounds each, they were greedy little buggers!

Cute picture of my boyfriend!
Loved the soft cream coloring of this cockatoo
Isn't this one gorgeous
I am hoping that these flamingoes will look better if you double click on the picture - they look washed out here but were a fantabulous coral in real life

We had a fun fun day.  Yesterday we spent at Haulover Beach in Miami - we are sitting in the lobby of the hotel right now waiting for the shuttle to come and pick us up and my camera is lost in the depths of my suitcase so I can't download those pictures yet.

So long for at least a week until we get internet access again.


Kristanne said...

Hope you have fun on the cruise.

melissa said...

Looks like a fun place! Have a good time on your cruise!