mothers day

Friday, April 16, 2010

feeling better

I don't know if it is a week of eating toast and and bananas and drinking gatorade and herbal teas...or the antibiotics but things are looking pretty good. I can't say, by a long shot, that I am better, but things are looking up. I really really really want the antibiotics to do the trick and I DO NOT want them to find something bad (like cancer) in my we will pray that this is gonna do the trick.

It is so nice to feel good though - even when I do have an attack of diarrhea (like after drinking two bottles of barrium for the CT scan) I don't feel exhausted and tired and headachy and miserable like I did before because of the gatorade. I didn't think I would EVER EVER EVER choose a bottle of gatorade over a can of pepsi but I have been doing it all week! Amazing!


Kristanne said...

Gatorade is better than pepsi anyday!!! Here is another funny, when Kecia changed her blog to the same background as mine the other day, I changed mine to the one you choose, then decided it was too girly and Shawn would complain so I changed it back. Not that the one I have is more masculine. WE must all kind of think alike!

Anonymous said...

You are right- great minds do think alike...the background you have now is the one that I had for my petalsoftjewelry blogspot before Easter!!!