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Monday, June 15, 2009

Newest Necklaces

Tuesday morning - about 12:30 am in fact and I can't sleep so I decided to post some of my newest creations for you to see. The one on the top of my blog is called Leaves of Green and I couldn't believe the number of compliments I received on it the day I wore it. It was fun!!!! It was amazing how it came together too - try this and this and this and this and there it was. It is kind of busy to my mind but that is what the ladies are buying and I had the name for it before it was ever finished.This is a copper illusion with the swarovski crystals and it is more delicate than the goldstone cube illusion just below. I wore it today to the doctors office (where I got a shot in the spine that will hopefully help the burning and itching of my feet) and got compliments on it - even the doctor said he liked it and that it matched my blouse - then he proceeded to laugh at himself , saying he works with too many women!! It was cute.

This is is made up of brown goldstones in cube form with pearls and copper metal daisies.

I really like this set

This is a long copper double chain with a simple pendant on it. The pendant has two lime green sparklies and they are repeated in the earrings. Simple, but pretty. I kind of got in a copper mood for a few days.

This is a bracelet made on memory wire with green toned shells hanging off the end. There are all tones of green beads -it is prettier than the picture shows

Here are a couple of redand crystal necklaces that I made up with red satin beads. I think they will sell better to an older crowd

This is a pretty set - bracelet and earrings and necklace all three. The necklace and bracelet are made on memory wire.

This necklace was so fun to make - amazing in fact. It started out as a blue illusion type necklace and as I strung the beads I liked the effect of all of them close together. so i decided to hang them off of a silver chain. then I thought - a second level of chain would be gorgeous...and as I was rummaging through my beads and charms I found this pretty inch and a half long dragon fly. I posted this one to etsy and the next morning I had a lady asking if I could make 15 of them. I finally decided not to because I had bought the charm on clearance and to buy them wholesale they would cost three times as much so the necklace would end up costing more - also I figured I would be bored stiff making 15 of the same thing.

Just thought I would keep you up to date with what I was making.

It is Tuesday night now and I have been working on the same necklace for two days and it just isn't coming together - its amazing sometimes the things just fall into place and other times I feel like I am pulling teeth to get a necklace created.

Tonight though I made other stuff - I am in the process of crocheting around two receiving blankets and four burp pads for my soon to be grandbabies. Plus I bought fabric for 12 more burp pads that I am sewing on the machine - I figure with twins, Kelly and Jamie will need all the burp pads they can get!!

And then a dear friend that is getting married on saturday brought over her excess flowers and I get to make a 'throwaway' bouquet for her. this is her second marriage, she has a 15 year old daughter that she has raised by herself and she has found a wonderful man who is taking her to the temple on saturday. Hurrah for Kathy!!

So I am keeping busy!

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Kristanne said...

The necklaces are beautiful. I am sure Kelly and Jamie will love all the stuff you can make them. You are so good to do it. New babies will be so fun - well at least for me, I just get to hold them, and do none of the work!!!