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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Loving Mother's Day

This is our little family in 1976 in our new home in Maeser. Mauri Sue, Edward, Shawn, Susan and Dirk

For so many years I hated Mother's Day. Every year at church we would hear all about how wonderful and sweet President McKay's mother was - how she NEVER raised her voice in anger and was such a perfect mother.

I would think of me and my kids and how mad they would make me some times and how much I DID raise my voice in anger...and feel guilty and inadequate and just plain lousy all the way around.

Darling picture of my two boys - Dirk and Shawn - summer of 1973

Mauri and her friend Alecia - Easter 1980. Mauri was beautiful even then

Christmas Day 1980 - with Kecia, Dirk, Mauri (and dolly) Shawn and Kelly

My little porkers - Kelly and Kecia - even at four months old they still held hands

But I LOVE Mother's Day now. I look at my five beautiful wonderful children and say - hey I must have done SOMETHING right! I am so very proud of each and every one of them. They are fantastic adults ............................ so moms - there is hope out there!!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day party on Sunday at Shawn and Kris's house. As I watched all five of my children interact with each other and their children and spouses and nieces and nephews - I was ever so impressed with them. They love God - and honor Him each Sabbath Day by attending church and show even more respect and love for Him by living each day to be a worthy child of God. They love each other and that means the world to me. I would say that my children are friends not just relatives. That is important.

They have all chosen wonderful spouses each of whom have a lot of love in their hearts, for God, for their fellow man, and for the family they have married into. Each of my children are hard working and honest with their fellow man. Each of them are fantastic parents with a love for their children and their siblings children. They are tolerant and loving and giving adults.

So thank you kids - you are wonderful and I love each of you dearly. The presents were wonderful but you are even more so. It is so amazing how a mothers' love can be equally spread out over all of their kids. Thank you for a marvelous Mother's Day and for being such wonderful people. I LOVE YOU!!

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Kristanne said...

it was a really nice day. You did good. I am glad I got Shawn. Thanks for being such a great mother.