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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Necklaces

You are all probably going to get tired of this but at least my pictures are getting better!! I have found that the black velvet necklace stand is the worst thing for taking pictures on! It reflects the light and fuzzies the pictures

I took these tonight with my little camera - and different fabrics as background, experimenting as I go.

There were two or three more necklaces that I hae created that I didn't like the pictures I took and so I deleted them and will re do the pictures tomorrow. After my party on Thursday I will retake all the pictures I haven't liked because of the poor lighting and edit the etsy posts.

This one is called bunches of beads...on a chain. It is the rope style necklace with clusters of black, silver and white pearlized beads dangling off a chain. The matching earrings are hanging on each side of the necklace. The chain is really attractive in and of itself.

This one is called Red Elegance - the antique gold chain with clusters of red, gold, crystals, and pearls makes it downright elegant. It has matching earrings. The chain is forty two inches long - it dangles loose with extra beading at the bottom, as you can see

This was a fun one to make with red wire and the fun wooden beads - it is a choker style necklace with the matching dangle earrings.

I call this one the plum illusion necklace - it is one of the ones that are quite inexpensive - just $8 - there are not any of the expensive crystals - just pretty beads

This is the yellow crystal illusion necklace. At least now we can click on the picture and make it larger and see the details of the beading.

This is the "mommy and me" set - a 19 inch necklace for mommy and a matching 14 inch necklace for her little girl. They have the exact same crystals and pearls but in a smaller version for the smaller necklace.

I can make this in any color crystal combination and larger sizes for daughter. At my party I will let those interested pick out the crystals and colors they want
and then I will get them made and delivered in time for Mother's Day

Sorry - I thought I had turned this one - good trial run before I post it on etsy...but I am probably going to redo this picture anyway on a less busy background This set has matching earrings and a fun clunky bracelet to match also.

Gold Rectangle on memory wire - this is a choker made on the memory wire. I really need to make some earrings to go with it!

This one is GORGEOUS!!! I made several of the clusters of beads on a chain rope but I like this set best. In the pink and magenta with silver it is really striking. It also took hours to wire each and every one of those beads!


Kristanne said...

I agree it does bring out the colors more on the white or pale background. The black on looks nice. To bad you can't find a white one. It does make the necklaces lay pretty.

Jamie said...

What time is your party tomorrow?

Kecia said...

I wish I could come! Do you have an invite or anything I can send to a few friends for you? I really like that Yellow necklace...maybe if I can find an outfit it will go with...